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slew: a distribution-friendly init/rc framework based on s6/s6-rc
This is slew [1], an init/rc framework based on s6/s6-rc [2]. slew is an
attempt to bridge the gap between the elegant foundation provided by s6/s6-rc
and an init/rc system that implements the main functionalities beneficial for
distributions. Like s6/s6-rc, slew strives to be simple and flexible. slew is
composed of a few parts:
* A clean, powerful and extensible preprocessor that generates source
directories for use with s6-rc from given templates.
* Templates for longruns, oneshots and some convenient or necessary bundles,
for use with the shipped preprocessor.
* Pre-written stage 1/2/3 scripts for use with s6, which are similar to those
generated by s6-linux-init [2], but work with the rest of slew.
* Configuration files and other auxillary files.
[1] <>.
[2] <>.
slew requires s6, s6-rc and the Byron Rakitzis implementation [3] of the rc(1)
shell; the user is expected to have a sufficient understanding of them (which
would be highly rewarding anyway). slew currently runs on Linux, and the
init/rc scripts might requires additional command line utilities to be present.
Note that although slew requires Linux and rc(1), its design is independent of
them, and porting (if desirable) should not be too difficult. cf. `Manual' for
more detailed documentation of slew.
[3] <>.
Copyright (c) 2016-2019 Casper Ti. Vector <>
Licence: CC0 v1.0 [4], unless explicitly indicated otherwise.
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