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branches: [
name: 'alpha',
prerelease: true
name: 'beta',
prerelease: true
ci: true
debug: true
dryRun: false
tagFormat: '${version}'
# Global plugin options (will be passed to all plugins)
preset: 'conventionalcommits'
gitlabUrl: 'https://git.griefed.de/' # your gitlab url
# Responsible for verifying conditions necessary to proceed with the release:
# configuration is correct, authentication token are valid, etc...
- '@semantic-release/changelog'
- '@semantic-release/git'
- '@semantic-release/gitlab'
# Responsible for determining the type of the next release (major, minor or patch).
# If multiple plugins with a analyzeCommits step are defined, the release type will be
# the highest one among plugins output.
# Look details at: https://github.com/semantic-release/commit-analyzer#configuration
- path: '@semantic-release/commit-analyzer'
- type: breaking # Changes that break something makes something incompatible to ealier version
release: major
- type: build # Changes that affect the build system or external dependencies
release: patch
- type: chore # Other changes that don't modify src or test files
release: false
- type: ci # Changes to our CI configuration files and scripts
release: false
- type: docs # Documentation only changes
release: patch
- type: feat # A new feature
release: minor
- type: fix # A bug fix
release: patch
- type: perf # A code change that improves performance
release: patch
- type: refactor # A code change that neither fixes a bug nor adds a feature
release: false
- type: revert # Reverts a previous commit
release: patch
- type: style # Changes that do not affect the meaning of the code
release: false
- type: test # Adding missing tests or correcting existing tests
release: false
# Responsible for generating the content of the release note.
# If multiple plugins with a generateNotes step are defined,
# the release notes will be the result of the concatenation of each plugin output.
- path: '@semantic-release/release-notes-generator'
groupBy: 'type'
commitGroupsSort: 'title'
commitsSort: 'header'
linkCompare: true
linkReferences: true
types: # looks like it only works with 'conventionalcommits' preset
- type: 'breaking'
section: '🧨 Breaking changes!'
hidden: false
- type: 'build'
section: '🦊 CI/CD'
hidden: false
- type: 'chore'
section: 'Other'
hidden: false
- type: 'ci'
section: '🦊 CI/CD'
hidden: false
- type: 'docs'
section: '📔 Docs'
hidden: false
- type: 'example'
section: '📝 Examples'
hidden: false
- type: 'feat'
section: '🚀 Features'
hidden: false
- type: 'fix'
section: '🛠 Fixes'
hidden: false
- type: 'perf'
section: '⏩ Performance'
hidden: false
- type: 'refactor'
section: ':scissors: Refactor'
hidden: false
- type: 'revert'
section: '👀 Reverts'
hidden: false
- type: 'style'
section: '💈 Style'
hidden: false
- type: 'test'
section: '🧪 Tests'
hidden: false
# Responsible for preparing the release, for example creating or updating files
# such as package.json, CHANGELOG.md, documentation or compiled assets
# and pushing a commit.
# - path: '@semantic-release/exec'
# # Execute shell command to set package version
# cmd: './deployment/version-plaintext-set.sh ${nextRelease.version}'
# - path: '@semantic-release/exec'
# cmd: './deployment/version-oas-set.sh ${nextRelease.version} openapi.yaml'
# - path: '@semantic-release/exec'
# verifyReleaseCmd: "echo ${nextRelease.version} > VERSION.txt"
- path: '@semantic-release/changelog'
# Create or update the changelog file in the local project repository
- path: '@semantic-release/git'
# Push a release commit and tag, including configurable files
message: 'RELEASE: ${nextRelease.version}'
assets: ['CHANGELOG.md']
# Responsible for publishing the release.
- path: '@semantic-release/gitlab'
# Publish a GitLab release
# (https://docs.gitlab.com/ce/user/project/releases/index.html#add-release-notes-to-git-tags)
success: false
fail: false