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Let Them Trade Map-Maker

ltt-mapmaker is a visual map-maker for the game Let Them Trade by Spaceflower, a german indie-gamestudio.

Using lttmm

Simply click on a button in the center of a tile and select the tile you want it to change to. Do so for the whole map. After your map looks good to you, hit the "DOWNLOAD MAP"-button in the top-right. This will generate a .json-file and download it which will contain your configuration as a Let Them Trade map.


  • Add infobutton/box telling users how to load their maps in-game (so far only relevant for playtests) map fromfile - Opens an "Open file"-dialog

Using/Deploying lttmm

Deploying lttmm as a website

If you wish to manually deploy lttmm, download the latest lttmm-x.x.x.tar.gz or from the Releases page and use these files to deploy it. I expect you to know how to deploy these files with NGINX or similar software, as providing a complete guide on how to do so would blow up the README.

Using the Electron App

If you wish to use Let Them Trade Map-Maker as an app, download the archive fitting to your OS from the Releases page. Currently available are macOS, Linux Ubuntu and Windows builds.

  • When using the Linux build, you may need to chmod +x the binary first.
  • When using macOS, you may need to adjust your Security preferences first and trust the app.



Create a docker-compose.yml-file in your preferred location and add the following to it after editing it to your liking:

version: '3'
    container_name: ltt-mapmaker
    restart: unless-stopped
      - TZ=Europe/Berlin # Your Timezone
      - PUID=1000 # Your user ID
      - PGID=1000 # your group ID
      - 80:80
      - 443:443

After running docker-compose up -d, lttmm will be available at localhost:80 and localhost:443.

Docker run

Run the following command, after editing it to your liking:

docker create \
  --name=ltt-mapmaker \
  -e TZ=Europe/Berlin `# Your Timezone` \
  -e PUID=1000 `# Your user ID` \
  -e PGID=1000 `# Your group ID` \
  -p 80:80 \
  -p 443:443 \
  --restart unless-stopped \

After running the command above, lttmm will be available at localhost:80 and localhost:443.

Making changes

If you wish to make changes, simply clone this repository, install the dependencies with npm install, start the app in development mode (hot-code reloading, error reporting, etc.) with quasar dev and make your changes, lint the files npm run lint, build the app for production with quasar build.

Expanding/changing random map names

If you wish to expand/change the random name generator, edit const reticulating and/or getMapName() in the index.js.

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