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# This file is used to automatize commits to GitHub by generating random commit messages or whatever
# It may not be required or relevant for other projects where this file is spotted
# You may ask, "why not ignore this file from uploading to GitHub or any git", well... if someone ever wonder why
# this project has strange commit names, then, this is the reason.
echo "[INFO] - Pushing to remote repo, accept? REMEMBER TO REMOVE EVERY TOKEN AND SENSITIVE INFO FFS"
read -p "[PROMPT] - Write \"yes\" but separated if you're ready: " ANSW
if [ "$ANSW" == "y e s" ]; then
git add .
git commit -m "P7RND_$(($RANDOM * 50))"
git push origin master
echo "[INFO] - Upload script done!"
echo "[ERROR] - Aborting..."