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  Tenyun dccff8fba1 Merge branch 'release/1.0.0' 1 year ago
  Tenyun da6fa2c2b7 Change zfs status to a simple output 1 year ago
  Tenyun bd7540cc77 Go back to bash(mistake between my ears) 1 year ago
  Dustin Hutto fd39bd2271 Changed header description - requirements 1 year ago
  Dustin Hutto a97fadd8a8 Changed shell to sh 1 year ago
  Tenyun d3287ef05f Use the script without root permissions 1 year ago
  Tenyun 8aa901ab44 Change header informations 1 year ago
  Tenyun 10c61695ff Small fixes 1 year ago
  Tenyun 949838f062 Fix format 1 year ago
  Tenyun 1545ca1351 Fix format and update content 1 year ago
  Tenyun a7d7645cec Bring README.md to live 1 year ago
  Tenyun 53c57f6e17 Fixed sensors output format for single CPU 1 year ago
  Tenyun b1581603a8 Changed sensors output to support multiple CPUs 1 year ago
  Tenyun 077b472746 Changed output of System Info box 1 year ago
  Tenyun 4721f4bd7b Change DESCRIPTION for the link alias 1 year ago
  Dustin Hutto d017cbe7f8 Change headline output 1 year ago
  Tenyun 8fe83d32b2 change all outputs to work with printf 1 year ago
  Tenyun 0d06e814e3 Fix output bug in awk variables 1 year ago
  Dustin Hutto 3d4d45f697 Add option to exit when script tries to use undeclared variables 1 year ago
  Dustin Hutto dce05df6f8 Merge branch 'allawk' use only one tool (awk) 1 year ago
  Dustin Hutto fc468bb710 Change all output language to english 1 year ago
  Dustin Hutto 15a44ebe32 Change script headline to new personal standard 1 year ago
  Dustin Hutto 3165be9fb7 Change sensors formating to only use awk 1 year ago
  Dustin Hutto cbe4028e4c Change input vars to use awk onl 1 year ago
  Dustin Hutto 8e91332bde Code improvement for printHeadLine function 1 year ago
  Dustin Hutto f52a0d7c9c Cleaning code, remove vars and set it to direct output 1 year ago
  Dustin Hutto e7215b2488 Fix bug to list all Snapshots 2 years ago
  Dustin Hutto 7718f2d23a Add better way to print a headline 2 years ago
  Dustin Hutto 5783c27431 Cleaned the code up 2 years ago
  Dustin Hutto 01d517d689 Change sensors output to support different number of Cores 2 years ago
  Dustin Hutto 5d0f16cf4e Change shebang format and old function format 2 years ago
  Dustin Hutto affe54ab6b get zfs data after sensors reading to prevent wrong output of sensors 2 years ago
  Dustin Hutto 42a521e0e9 fix sensors output 2 years ago
  Dustin Hutto 1da08f7407 fix output bug for capacity 2 years ago
  Dustin Hutto dd2c4fedf9 fix output format for capacity (new line) 2 years ago
  Dustin Hutto 03e4761d63 fix output format for capacity 2 years ago
  Dustin Hutto 08a5eacac2 change capacity output format 2 years ago
  Dustin Hutto 88ea6c3a3b fix wrong output of wc -l for counting snapshots 2 years ago
  Dustin Hutto a3977393bf change file permissions 2 years ago
  Dustin Hutto 39f3979222 change sensors output format 2 years ago
  Dustin Hutto e776a9779e change free command options 2 years ago
  Dustin Hutto 3d382c8d49 first commit 2 years ago