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Setup your own WebPlay instance


For run WebPlay as a docker container you need:

  • docker
  • docker-compose

installed on your server/computer

Clone this repository

  • git clone webplay

Change into folder

  • cd webplay

Run docker-compose build

  • docker-compose build


Open docker-compose.yml file and edit following lines:

    - ./videos:/webplay/videos
    - ./music:/webplay/music
    - ./cache:/webplay/cache
    - ./uploads:/webplay/uploads

as example:

    - /path/to/your/video/files:/webplay/videos
    - /path/to/your/audio/files:/webplay/music
    - /path/for/cache:/webplay/cache
    - /path/for/manual/uploads:/webplay/uploads

Optional you can change the client port (8081 by default):

    - 8081:80

Start your instance

  • docker-compose up or docker-compose up -d for running WebPlay in background

Open your browser and navigate to WebPlay

  • http://YOURSERVERADRESS:8081

That's it.

Have fun


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