This is my novel
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The Story

First off, this was one of the most taxing things that I have ever made, it took months to write and years to edit. So not only am I sensitive to criticism, I am nervous about putting more work into it. I know that it might never be a "smash hit" or a "break out success", but it is an important part of what makes me feel more closely aligned with my values and priorities to complete the work.

So yes, at times I have been avoided this work. I have held off taking the plunge into my own work; but that's only because I felt like I could do better by getting started on the next book than "finishing" this one.

As I don't have an army of editors, proofers, and publishers ready to take my book to some polished state, I will have done most of it on my own. With that said, however, my wife was kind enough to read and edit one of the eariler proofs. For which I have dedicated this book to her.

My plan is found below. It is likely to be revised or simply ignored in the face of changing circumstances. But the premise is the same, read the book, make it more readable, and then make it very readable. Hopefully I have already made it relatable, but we'll see.

The story resembles the following theme:

  • Man loses fantasy of modernity
  • Discovers underlying reality
  • Struggles to maintain sanity
  • Is haunted by natural severity
  • Then hunted by pack-mentality
  • And then removed by its brutality

The story is meant to subtly draw the conclusion that you, the reader, don't want him to suffer and the only way for that to happen is for him to be removed from the earth and the mortal coil. There is no way that the protaginist can "win".

This story is meant to touch upon the "lone wolf" vs "wolf pack" idea/plot/narrative. Obviously, the lone wolf is not meant or able to withstand either the demands of reality, or the savagery, of group identity.

The Plan

  • Bring the book to light by going open source
  • Bring awareness to the book by posting links on your website
  • Start commiting edits made by hand to the text
  • Record reading of each chapter