Alibaba Cloud SDK for Go programming language.
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Concurrent Request

  • Due to the concurrency nature of the Go language, we recommend that you control the concurrent requests for the SDK at the application level.
  • In order to facilitate your use, we also provide a direct use of concurrent invocation mode, the relevant concurrency control by the SDK internal implementation.

Open SDK Client's concurrent function.

// Maximum Running Vusers
poolSize := 2
// The maximum number of requests that can be cached
maxTaskQueueSize := 5

// Enable asynchronous functionality at creation time
config := sdk.NewConfig()
            .WithGoRoutinePoolSize(poolSize)            // Optional,default:5
            .WithMaxTaskQueueSize(maxTaskQueueSize)     // Optional,default:1000
ecsClient, err := ecs.NewClientWithOptions(config)

// It can also be opened after client is initialized
client.EnableAsync(poolSize, maxTaskQueueSize)

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