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Knative documentation

Welcome to the source file repository for our documentation on


The Knative documentation website is built with hugo templates in Knative Website Repo.

View published documentation

View all Knative documentation and walk-through our code samples on the website.

The Knative website includes versioned docs for recent releases, the Knative blog, links to all community resources, as well as Knative governance and contributor guidelines.

Run website locally

Refer to this doc in the website repo.

Website source files

Source files for the documentation on the website are located within the /docs directory of this repo.

If you want to contribute a fix or add new content to the documentation, you can navigate through this repo or use the Edit this page on each of the pages of the website.

Before you can contribute, first start by reading the Knative contributor guidelines and learning about our community and requirements. In addition to reading about how to contribute to the docs, you should take a moment to learn about the Knative code of conduct, governance, values, and the various working groups and committees.

Knative community and contributor guidelines

Source files for all Knative community and governance topics are located separately in the knative/community repo.

Documentation versions for Knative releases

Each release of the Knative docs are available in the website (starting with 0.3) and their source files are all stored in branches of this repo.


We're excited that you're interested in contributing to the Knative documentation! Check out the resources below to get started.

Getting started

  • How to contribute -- Contains information about how to contribute and outlines the roles for Docs contributors.

  • Template page -- A blank documentation page that demonstrates how to format a new page and includes tips on structuring your documentation.

Getting help

  • #docs on the Knative Slack -- The #docs channel is the best place to go if you have questions about making changes to the documentation. We're happy to help!

  • Documentation working group -- Come join us in the working group to meet other docs contributors and ask any questions you might have.

Help and support

Your help and feedback is always welcome!

If you find an issue let us know, either by clicking the Create Issue on any of the website pages, or by directly opening an issue here in the repo.

If you have a question that you can't find an answer to, we would also like to hear about that too. In addition to our docs, you can also reach out to the community for assistance. For example, ask a documentation specific question on the #docs channel in Slack.

Also see the Knative community resource page for a list of all the available community resources, including links to the various community discussion groups for both development as well as troubleshooting.