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Add commit status popup to issuelist (#19375)
This gets the necessary data to the issuelist for it to support a clickable commit status icon which pops up the full list of commit statuses related to the commit. It accomplishes this without any additional queries or fetching as the existing codepath was already doing the necessary work but only returning the "last" status. All methods were wrapped to call the least-filtered version of each function in order to maximize code reuse.

Note that I originally left `getLastCommitStatus()` in `pull.go` which called to the new function, but `make lint` complained that it was unused, so I removed it. I would have preferred to keep it, but alas.

The only thing I'd still like to do here is force these popups to happen to the right by default instead of the left. I see that the only other place this is popping up right is on view_list.tmpl, but I can't figure out how/why right now.

Fixes #18810
11 months ago
.gitea Issue template form (#16349) 2 years ago
.github Reorder issue templates and automatically add labels (#18875) 1 year ago
assets Clean up SVG (#13680) 2 years ago
build Use `go run` for tool dependencies, require go 1.17 (#18874) 1 year ago
cmd Allow package dump skipping (#19506) 11 months ago
contrib Remove legacy `unknwon/com` package (#19298) 12 months ago
custom/conf Disable unnecessary GitHooks elements 11 months ago
docker Configure OpenSSH log level via Environment in Docker (#19274) 12 months ago
docs Disable unnecessary GitHooks elements 11 months ago
integrations Unset git author/committer variables when running integration tests (#19512) 11 months ago
models Fix two typos (#19504) 11 months ago
modules Use router param for filepath in GetRawFile (#19499) 11 months ago
options Add a new menu in file view to open blame view and fix blame view select range bug (#19500) 11 months ago
public Add Helm Chart registry (#19406) 11 months ago
routers Add commit status popup to issuelist (#19375) 11 months ago
services Add commit status popup to issuelist (#19375) 11 months ago
snap revert to node14 for snapcraft 1 year ago
templates Add commit status popup to issuelist (#19375) 11 months ago
tools format with gofumpt (#18184) 1 year ago
web_src Improve dashboard's repo list performance (#18963) 11 months ago
.air.toml Exclude from watching tests (#17744) 1 year ago
.changelog.yml Changelog for v1.15.0-rc1 (#16422) 2 years ago
.drone.yml Use instead of (#19242) 12 months ago
.editorconfig add well-known config for OIDC (#15355) 2 years ago
.eslintrc Update JS dependencies (#19281) 12 months ago
.gitattributes Update .gitattributes for .tmpl files (#18576) 1 year ago
.gitignore Validate migration files (#18203) 1 year ago
.golangci.yml Refactor legacy `unknwon/com` package, improve golangci lint (#19284) 12 months ago
.ignore Add some .ignore entries (#18296) 1 year ago
.lgtm refactor: ignore LGTM from author of pull request. (#3283) 5 years ago
.npmrc Stop packaging node_modules in release tarballs (#15273) 2 years ago
.stylelintrc Update JS dependencies (#18898) 1 year ago
BSDmakefile Add BSDmakefile to prevent errors when `make` is called under FreeBSD (#4446) 5 years ago Add Changelog v1.16.6 (#19339) (#19450) 11 months ago homebrew updates via cron 1 year ago
DCO follow the advisor: add DCO and some improvements 6 years ago
Dockerfile use go1.18 to build gitea (#19099) 1 year ago
Dockerfile.rootless use go1.18 to build gitea (#19099) 1 year ago
LICENSE Fix typo 6 years ago
MAINTAINERS Add singuliere to MAINTAINERS (#18148) 1 year ago
Makefile add a directory prefix `gitea-src-VERSION` to release-tar-file (#19396) 11 months ago use go1.18 to build gitea (#19099) 1 year ago Update `TODOs` badge to reflect new default branch (#18182) 1 year ago Add security policy to repo (#12536) 3 years ago
build.go Add bundle download for repository (#14538) 2 years ago
go.mod Remove legacy unmaintained packages, refactor to support change default locale (#19308) 12 months ago
go.sum Remove legacy unmaintained packages, refactor to support change default locale (#19308) 12 months ago
jest.config.js Add copy button to markdown code blocks (#17638) 1 year ago
main.go format with gofumpt (#18184) 1 year ago
package-lock.json node12 is EOL (#19451) 11 months ago
package.json node12 is EOL (#19451) 11 months ago
webpack.config.js Support webauthn (#17957) 1 year ago


Gitea - Git with a cup of tea

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The goal of this project is to make the easiest, fastest, and most painless way of setting up a self-hosted Git service. Using Go, this can be done with an independent binary distribution across all platforms which Go supports, including Linux, macOS, and Windows on x86, amd64, ARM and PowerPC architectures. Want to try it before doing anything else? Do it with the online demo! This project has been forked from Gogs since 2016.11 but changed a lot.


From the root of the source tree, run:

TAGS="bindata" make build

or if SQLite support is required:

TAGS="bindata sqlite sqlite_unlock_notify" make build

The build target is split into two sub-targets:

  • make backend which requires Go 1.17 or greater.
  • make frontend which requires Node.js LTS or greater and Internet connectivity to download npm dependencies.

When building from the official source tarballs which include pre-built frontend files, the frontend target will not be triggered, making it possible to build without Node.js and Internet connectivity.

Parallelism (make -j <num>) is not supported.

More info:


./gitea web

NOTE: If you're interested in using our APIs, we have experimental support with documentation.


Expected workflow is: Fork -> Patch -> Push -> Pull Request


  2. If you have found a vulnerability in the project, please write privately to Thanks!


Translations are done through Crowdin. If you want to translate to a new language ask one of the managers in the Crowdin project to add a new language there.

You can also just create an issue for adding a language or ask on discord on the #translation channel. If you need context or find some translation issues, you can leave a comment on the string or ask on Discord. For general translation questions there is a section in the docs. Currently a bit empty but we hope fo fill it as questions pop up.


Further information

For more information and instructions about how to install Gitea, please look at our documentation. If you have questions that are not covered by the documentation, you can get in contact with us on our Discord server or create a post in the discourse forum.

We maintain a list of Gitea-related projects at gitea/awesome-gitea.
The hugo-based documentation theme is hosted at gitea/theme.
The official Gitea CLI is developed at gitea/tea.



Thank you to all our backers! 🙏 [Become a backer]


Support this project by becoming a sponsor. Your logo will show up here with a link to your website. [Become a sponsor]


How do you pronounce Gitea?

Gitea is pronounced /ɡɪti:/ as in "gi-tea" with a hard g.

Why is this not hosted on a Gitea instance?

We're working on it.


This project is licensed under the MIT License. See the LICENSE file for the full license text.


Looking for an overview of the interface? Check it out!

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