Dockerfile for myself...
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Feng.YJ 96743f88c7
Upgrade ghost to 4.10.0
5 days ago
ghost Upgrade ghost to 4.10.0 5 days ago
grpc Update grpc usage in readme 2 weeks ago
image Support for ghost v4 docker 4 months ago
pwsh Add PowerShell Core docker image, alias pwsh 2 months ago
redis Remove redundant ENV variable 2 months ago
scratch-go Format and update comment 2 months ago
thrift Remove final cleanup step for the build stage 1 month ago
.editorconfig Remove .editorconfig execute permission by `chmod +x` 3 months ago
.gitattributes Add .gitattributes file 4 months ago
.gitignore Initialize repository and specificate files 4 months ago
LICENSE Add license file: MIT LICENSE 2 months ago Update readme file 2 weeks ago


Some docker images for myself...

Image Layers Tags
Ghost ghost latest
gRPC grpc latest
pwsh pwsh latest
redis redis latest
scratch-go scratch-go latest
thrift thrift 0.13.0 (latest)