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Upgrade Go to 1.21 and bump other dependencies (#330)
Co-authored-by: harryzcy <>
Reviewed-on: #330
Reviewed-by: Lunny Xiao <>
Co-authored-by: harryzcy <>
Co-committed-by: harryzcy <>
2023-08-10 01:45:25 +00:00

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FROM golang:1.21-alpine3.18 as builder
# Do not remove `git` here, it is required for getting runner version when executing `make build`
RUN apk add --no-cache make git
COPY . /opt/src/act_runner
WORKDIR /opt/src/act_runner
RUN make clean && make build
FROM alpine:3.18
RUN apk add --no-cache git bash tini
COPY --from=builder /opt/src/act_runner/act_runner /usr/local/bin/act_runner
COPY scripts/ /opt/act/
ENTRYPOINT ["/sbin/tini","--","/opt/act/"]