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Usage Examples for act_runner

Welcome to our collection of usage and deployment examples specifically designed for Gitea setups. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced user, you'll find practical resources here that you can directly apply to enhance your Gitea experience. We encourage you to contribute your own insights and knowledge to make this collection even more comprehensive and valuable.

Section Description
docker This section provides you with scripts and instructions tailored for running containers on a workstation or server where Docker is installed. It simplifies the process of setting up and managing your Gitea deployment using Docker.
docker-compose In this section, you'll discover examples demonstrating how to utilize docker-compose to efficiently handle your Gitea deployments. It offers a straightforward approach to managing multiple containerized components of your Gitea setup.
kubernetes If you're utilizing Kubernetes clusters for your infrastructure, this section is specifically designed for you. It presents examples and guidelines for configuring Gitea deployments within Kubernetes clusters, enabling you to leverage the scalability and flexibility of Kubernetes.
vm This section is dedicated to examples that assist you in setting up Gitea on virtual or physical servers. Whether you're working with virtual machines or physical hardware, you'll find helpful resources to guide you through the deployment process.

We hope these resources provide you with valuable insights and solutions for your Gitea setup. Feel free to explore, contribute, and adapt these examples to suit your specific requirements.