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feat: allow graceful shutdowns (#546)
Add a `Shutdown(context.Context) error` method to the Poller. Calling this method will first shutdown all active polling, preventing any new jobs from spawning. It will then wait for either all jobs to finish, or for the context to be cancelled. If the context is cancelled, it will then force all jobs to end, and then exit.

Fixes #107

Co-authored-by: Rowan Bohde <>
Reviewed-on: #546
Reviewed-by: Jason Song <>
Reviewed-by: Lunny Xiao <>
Co-authored-by: rowan-allspice <>
Co-committed-by: rowan-allspice <>
2024-05-27 07:38:55 +00:00
app feat: allow graceful shutdowns (#546) 2024-05-27 07:38:55 +00:00
pkg feat: allow graceful shutdowns (#546) 2024-05-27 07:38:55 +00:00