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Pub Packages Repository

Publish Pub packages for your user or organization.

Table of Contents

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To work with the Pub package registry, you need to use the tools dart and/or flutter.

The following examples use dart.

Configuring the package registry

To register the package registry and provide credentials, execute:

dart pub token add{owner}/pub
Placeholder Description
owner The owner of the package.

You need to provide your [personal access token]({{< relref "doc/developers/" >}}).

Publish a package

To publish a package, edit the pubspec.yaml and add the following line:

Placeholder Description
owner The owner of the package.

Now you can publish the package by running the following command:

dart pub publish

You cannot publish a package if a package of the same name and version already exists. You must delete the existing package first.

Install a package

To install a Pub package from the package registry, execute the following command:

dart pub add {package_name} --hosted-url={owner}/pub/
Parameter Description
owner The owner of the package.
package_name The package name.

For example:

# use latest version
dart pub add mypackage --hosted-url=
# specify version
dart pub add mypackage:1.0.8 --hosted-url=