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PyPI Packages Repository

Publish PyPI packages for your user or organization.

Table of Contents

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To work with the PyPI package registry, you need to use the tools pip to consume and twine to publish packages.

Configuring the package registry

To register the package registry you need to edit your local ~/.pypirc file. Add

index-servers = gitea

repository ={owner}/pypi
username = {username}
password = {password}
Placeholder Description
owner The owner of the package.
username Your Gitea username.
password Your Gitea password. If you are using 2FA or OAuth use a [personal access token]({{< relref "doc/developers/" >}}) instead of the password.

Publish a package

Publish a package by running the following command:

python3 -m twine upload --repository gitea /path/to/files/*

The package files have the extensions .tar.gz and .whl.

You cannot publish a package if a package of the same name and version already exists. You must delete the existing package first.

Install a package

To install a PyPI package from the package registry, execute the following command:

pip install --index-url https://{username}:{password}{owner}/pypi/simple --no-deps {package_name}
Parameter Description
username Your Gitea username.
password Your Gitea password or a personal access token.
owner The owner of the package.
package_name The package name.

For example:

pip install --index-url --no-deps test_package

You can use --extra-index-url instead of --index-url but that makes you vulnerable to dependency confusion attacks because pip checks the official PyPi repository for the package before it checks the specified custom repository. Read the pip docs for more information.

Supported commands

pip install
twine upload