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Add api page (#32)
# Changes

- Added [redocusaurus]( package to display swagger api with reference to [woodpecker](
- Change `sed` for swagger.json for proper version and baseurl.
- Add a dropdown for different api versions. (screenshot below)
- On API pages, only API version dropdown will show(hide locale dropdown, version dropdown for doc, and doc search)
- Allow build CSR API pages for development so it saves building time.

# Screenshots

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# Gitea Docusaurus
## How to build
make clean
make prepare-docs
make build
## Development
make clean
make prepare-docs
make serve
## Test en version
npm run start
## Test zh-cn version
npm run start -- --locale zh-cn
## Translate presets for zh-cn version
npx docusaurus write-translations --locale zh-cn
## Test both zh-cn and en versions
npm run build
npm run serve
## Use CSR Api
This is for development, api pages will be CSR so this saves building time
npm run start-CSRApi
npm run build-CSRApi