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Provide reusable presets for the most common dependency types in Gitea projects (#97)
Renovate by default doesn't group dependencies. This is to achieve fine-grained changes. However, it can also be the root cause for maintainers getting flooded with notifications.
With regards to Renovate [noise reduction]( and related to #93, one of the most powerful ways is grouping related dependencies into a single Pull Request.

This introduces the following reusable presets:

- Golang dependencies
- NPM dependencies
- Workflow/Actions dependencies
- Security fixes (depends on an experimental feature:

Combining those presets with proper Pull Request scheduling, they can help finding a good workflow to keep up-to-date.


A heads-up about possible downsides of dependency grouping. If a group contains an update that is not possible, one has to either:
- manually adjust the Pull Request to not include that package update
- manually adjust the repository `renovate.json5` to ignore a specific package version

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"$schema": "",
"github-actions": {
"enabled": true
"packageRules": [
"groupName": "workflow dependencies",
"matchManagers": ["github-actions"]