1 Troubleshoot Guide
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Here you will find the common hacks to use the app with.

1- I have HTTP basic authentication enabled at proxy level with pass thru. How to login?

On the login screen in the URL field enter YOUR-USERNAME@YOUR-DOMAIN.COM and skip the username field to fill. This will let you login to the app. For example, gitnex@try.gitea.io

Please note, that your proxy level username and password should be the same with your Gitea logins.

This feature is available in GitNex version 1.2.0 and above.

2- I have enabled 2FA for my account and I am on 1.8.0 Gitea version. How to login?

If you are on GitNex version 1.4.0 or below:
On the login screen in the Username field enter YOUR-USERNAME:OTP, : is the separator between username and otp code. For example, gitnex:251364

If you are on GitNex version 1.5.0 or above:
A separate optional field is introduced to enter the OTP code if you have enabled 2FA for your account.