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GitNex - Android client for Gitea

GitNex is a free, open-source Android client for Git repository management tool Gitea. Gitea is a community managed fork of Gogs, lightweight code hosting solution written in Go.

GitNex is licensed under GPLv3 License. See the LICENSE file for the full license text. No trackers are used and source code is available here for anyone to audit.


Get it on F-droid
Get it on Google Play
Download APK

Download latest build from master:

Note about Gitea version

Please make sure that you are on latest stable release or later for better app experience.

Check the versions compatibility page which lists all the supported versions with compatibility ratio.

Build from source

Option 1 - Download the source code, open it in Android Studio and build it there.

Option 2 - Open terminal(Linux) and cd to the project dir. Run ./gradlew build.


  • File and directory browser
  • Create files
  • Explore repositories
  • Issues list
  • Pull requests
  • Merge pull request




Help us translate GitNex to your native language.

We use Crowdin for translation. If your language is not listed, please request here to add it to the project.



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Website Repository

Troubleshoot Guide


Thanks to all the open source libraries, contributors and donators.

Open source libraries

  • Retrofit
  • Gson
  • Okhttp
  • ViHtarb/tooltip
  • Picasso
  • Markwon
  • Prettytime
  • Amulyakhare/textdrawable
  • Vdurmont/emoji-java
  • Abumoallim/android-multi-select-dialog
  • Pes/materialcolorpicker
  • Hendraanggrian/socialview
  • HamidrezaAmz/BreadcrumbsView
  • Chrisbanes/PhotoView
  • Pddstudio/highlightjs-android
  • Apache/commons-io
  • Caverock/androidsvg
  • Droidsonroids.gif/android-gif-drawable
  • Barteksc/AndroidPdfViewer
  • Ge0rg/MemorizingTrustManager

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