A pure go ftp server with web management UI
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A FTP server based on gitea.com/goftp/server.

Full documentation for the package is available on godoc


  • Support file system as storage
  • Support minio as storage
  • Support qiniu as storage
  • Support web management UI


From binary releases

Download the binaries from https://gitea.com/goftp/ftpd/releases.

You can also build the binary yourself. After you clone the repository,

go generate ./...
go build -tags=bindata -mod=vendor

From Source

go get goftp.io/ftpd

Then run it:


And finally, connect to the server with any FTP client and the following details:

port: 2121
username: admin
password: 123456

More features, you can copy config.ini to the ftpd directory and modify it.