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Live media creator for the HardenedBSD distributions


The purpose of this tool is quickly generate live images for HardenedBSD.


Getting HardenedBSD configured at ease for the popular desktops in the BSD world, and in a backwards manner, bringing a cutting edged and speedy extreme security to desktop users.

Why NOT hosting on GitHub?

If you host on Microsoft-acquired GitHub for your projects you should imagine that Microsoft is LIKELY to get you defected AND breached like their Windows non-free OS franchises, and of their EVERY other products.


  1. Building HardenedBSD from sources and packages
  2. KDE Plasma primary
  3. XFCE, Enlightenment, Lumina, tilings secondary
  4. Hybrid DVD/USB image

Graphics support

  1. Compatible with NVidia graphics, VirtualBox, VMware out of box
  2. SCFB support with automatic best resolution for UEFI enabled systems with Intel/AMD graphics

System requirements

  1. Latest version of HardenedBSD-CURRENT
  2. Hence, 4 amd64-efi cores are an MUST
    1. Legacy boot is being FULLY DEPRECIATED
    2. And your first 3 cores are being occupied for syncing to CURRENT using sources
  3. 24GiB of free disk space
  4. 3.72GiB of free memory

HardenedBSD 13-CURRENT and later should be used to build ISO, so my desktop scripts is always syncing up with CURRENT for you before installing the desktop packages I recommend for different of you.

Initial setup

  1. Install the required packages:
    sudo pkg ins -y git rsync libisofs libimg squashfs-tools fusefs-squashfuse transmission-qt
  2. Make sure to have linux64 kernel module loaded
    sudo kldload linux64 && sudo sysrc -f /etc/rc.conf kld_list="linux64"
  3. Clone the repo
    1. git clone HardenedBSD-builds
    2. git clone HardenedBSD-builds-GitLab
      2. git clone HardenedBSD-builds-GitLab_SourceHut
      2. git clone HardenedBSD-builds-GitLab_bitbucket
    3. git clone HardenedBSD-builds-gitea
    4. git clone HardenedBSD-builds-SourceHut
    5. git clone HardenedBSD-builds-bitbucket

Starting a build

Enter the directory for running the LiveCD build script:

cd HardenedBSD-builds

(Primary option) To build HardenedBSD with KDE Plasma as my default shell

# bash -d packages/plasma

Secondary options

  1. To build HardenedBSD with XFCE as your default shell,
    # bash -d packages/xfce
  2. To build HardenedBSD with Enlightenment as your default shell,
    # bash -d packages/E
  3. To build HardenedBSD with Lumina as your default shell,
    # bash -d packages/lumina
  4. To build HardenedBSD with tilings as your default shells,
    # bash -d packages/tilings

Burn image to DVD’s:

sudo cdrecord /usr/local/hbsd-build/iso/HardenedBSD20.05.CURRENT.iso

Write images to USB memsticks:

sudo dd if=/usr/local/hbsd-build/iso/HardenedBSD20.05.plasma.CURRENT.amd64.iso of=/dev/da0 bs=4m