Go library that cleans a HTML page for better readability.
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// Package readability is a Go package that find the main readable
// content from a HTML page. It works by removing clutter like buttons,
// ads, background images, script, etc.
// This package is based from Readability.js by Mozilla, and written line
// by line to make sure it looks and works as similar as possible. This
// way, hopefully all web page that can be parsed by Readability.js
// are parse-able by go-readability as well.
package readability
import (
nurl "net/url"
// FromReader parses input from an `io.Reader` and returns the
// readable content. It's the wrapper for `Parser.Parse()` and useful
// if you only want to use the default parser.
func FromReader(input io.Reader, pageURL string) (Article, error) {
parser := NewParser()
return parser.Parse(input, pageURL)
// IsReadable decides whether or not the document is reader-able
// without parsing the whole thing. It's the wrapper for
// `Parser.IsReadable()` and useful if you only use the default parser.
func IsReadable(input io.Reader) bool {
parser := NewParser()
return parser.IsReadable(input)
// FromURL fetch the web page from specified url, check if it's
// readable, then parses the response to find the readable content.
func FromURL(pageURL string, timeout time.Duration) (Article, error) {
// Make sure URL is valid
_, err := nurl.ParseRequestURI(pageURL)
if err != nil {
return Article{}, fmt.Errorf("failed to parse URL: %v", err)
// Fetch page from URL
client := &http.Client{Timeout: timeout}
resp, err := client.Get(pageURL)
if err != nil {
return Article{}, fmt.Errorf("failed to fetch the page: %v", err)
defer resp.Body.Close()
// Make sure content type is HTML
cp := resp.Header.Get("Content-Type")
if !strings.Contains(cp, "text/html") {
return Article{}, fmt.Errorf("URL is not a HTML document")
// Check if the page is readable
var buffer bytes.Buffer
tee := io.TeeReader(resp.Body, &buffer)
parser := NewParser()
if !parser.IsReadable(tee) {
return Article{}, fmt.Errorf("the page is not readable")
// Parse content
return parser.Parse(&buffer, pageURL)