Several shell scripts in a wrapper pretending to be automation. User assumes all risk.
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Several shell scripts stacked on top of eachother, attempting to be useful.


You solemnly swear you're up to no good.
You understand that this is a work in progress.
You will understand what something does before executing it.


Shell scripts are dangerous.
This one moreso than some.
If you break something with a borrowed tool, that's on you.

This particular set of scripts is optimized for use inside the Bourne-Again shell v4.x (and above) on a 2019-current-ish Debian/Raspbian system, in a homelab.

You CentOS/RedHat/BeOS/BSD/Unix/etc experience may be debuging-laden.

Bugfix and other contributions welcome.


© 2015-2022 @jakimfett All rights reserved. All material contained in this repository is licensed for use, redistribution, and modification under Creative Commons 4.0 Attribution+ShareAlike (CC-BY-SA).