Go library for interacting with https://www.hcaptcha.com/
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package hcaptcha
const (
ErrMissingInputSecret ErrorCode = "missing-input-secret"
ErrInvalidInputSecret ErrorCode = "invalid-input-secret"
ErrMissingInputResponse ErrorCode = "missing-input-response"
ErrInvalidInputResponse ErrorCode = "invalid-input-response"
ErrBadRequest ErrorCode = "bad-request"
ErrInvalidOrAlreadySeenResponse ErrorCode = "invalid-or-already-seen-response"
ErrSitekeySecretMismatch ErrorCode = "sitekey-secret-mismatch"
// ErrorCode is any possible error from hCaptcha
type ErrorCode string
// String fulfills the Stringer interface
func (err ErrorCode) String() string {
switch err {
case ErrMissingInputSecret:
return "Your secret key is missing."
case ErrInvalidInputSecret:
return "Your secret key is invalid or malformed."
case ErrMissingInputResponse:
return "The response parameter (verification token) is missing."
case ErrInvalidInputResponse:
return "The response parameter (verification token) is invalid or malformed."
case ErrBadRequest:
return "The request is invalid or malformed."
case ErrInvalidOrAlreadySeenResponse:
return "The response parameter has already been checked, or has another issue."
case ErrSitekeySecretMismatch:
return "The sitekey is not registered with the provided secret."
return ""
// Error fulfills the error interface
func (err ErrorCode) Error() string {
return err.String()