pat-s eee8d2eb12 More automerge tries (#13)
NB: `"automerge": true,` only applies to this repo.

It might still be that automerge is not working due to [committer restriction](

@lunny Could this be relaxed for the bot? I.e. it might be needed to remove the "review required" protection for this repo only given that Gitea doesn't have a whitelist feature such as GH has letting certain users bypass the requirement.

Reviewed-on: gitea/renovate-config#13
Co-authored-by: pat-s <>
Co-committed-by: pat-s <>
2023-09-14 10:50:47 +00:00

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"$schema": "",
"extends": ["gitea/renovate-config"],
"dependencyDashboard": true,
"enabledManagers": [
"automerge": true,
"ignoreTests": true,
"packageRules": [
"description": "use fix scope for renovate updates",
"matchPackageNames": ["renovatebot/renovate"],
"semanticCommitType": "fix"
"description": "Automerge renovate updates",
"matchPackageNames": ["renovatebot/renovate"],
"matchUpdateTypes": ["minor", "patch", "digest"],
"automerge": true