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Kubernetes DNS

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This is the repository for Kubernetes DNS.



make targets:

target description
all, build build all binaries
test run unit tests
containers build the containers
images-clean clear image build artifacts from workdir
push push containers to the registry
help this help message
version show package version
{build,containers,push}-ARCH do action for specific ARCH
all-{build,containers,push} do action for all ARCH
only-push-BINARY push just BINARY
  • Setting VERBOSE=1 will show additional build logging.
  • Setting VERSION will override the container version tag.


Release process

  1. Build and test (make images-clean; make build; make containers; make test)
  2. Update go dependencies if needed.
  3. Update the release tag. We use semantic versioning to name releases.
  4. Wait for container images to be pushed via cloudbuild yaml. This will be done automatically by A manual cloud build can be submitted via gcloud builds submit --config cloudbuild.yaml, but this requires owner permissions in k8s-staging-dns project. The automated job pushes images for all architectures and makes them available in
  5. Promote the images to using the process described in this link. The image SHAs should be added to images/k8s-staging-dns/images.yaml.
  6. Submit a PR for the kubernetes/kubernetes repository to switch to the new version of the containers.