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pipe Tekton Pipelines

Go Report Card

The Tekton Pipelines project provides k8s-style resources for declaring CI/CD-style pipelines.

Tekton Pipelines are Cloud Native:

  • Run on Kubernetes
  • Have Kubernetes clusters as a first class type
  • Use containers as their building blocks

Tekton Pipelines are Decoupled:

  • One Pipeline can be used to deploy to any k8s cluster
  • The Tasks which make up a Pipeline can easily be run in isolation
  • Resources such as git repos can easily be swapped between runs

Tekton Pipelines are Typed:

  • The concept of typed resources means that for a resource such as an Image, implementations can easily be swapped out (e.g. building with kaniko v.s. buildkit)

Want to start using Pipelines

Read the docs

Version Docs Examples
HEAD Docs @ HEAD Examples @ HEAD
v0.10.1 Docs @ v0.10.1 Examples @ v0.10.1
v0.10.0 Docs @ v0.10.0 Examples @ v0.10.0
v0.9.2 Docs @ v0.9.2 Examples @ v0.9.2
v0.9.1 Docs @ v0.9.1 Examples @ v0.9.1
v0.9.0 Docs @ v0.9.0 Examples @ v0.9.0
v0.8.0 Docs @ v0.8.0 Examples @ v0.8.0
v0.7.0 Docs @ v0.7.0 Examples @ v0.7.0
v0.6.0 Docs @ v0.6.0 Examples @ v0.6.0
v0.5.2 Docs @ v0.5.2 Examples @ v0.5.2
v0.5.1 Docs @ v0.5.1 Examples @ v0.5.1
v0.5.0 Docs @ v0.5.0 Examples @ v0.5.0
v0.4.0 Docs @ v0.4.0 Examples @ v0.4.0
v0.3.1 Docs @ v0.3.1 Examples @ v0.3.1
v0.3.0 Docs @ v0.3.0 Examples @ v0.3.0
v0.2.0 Docs @ v0.2.0 Examples @ v0.2.0
v0.1.0 Docs @ v0.1.0 Examples @ v0.1.0

See our API compatibility policy for info on the stability level of the API.

Want to contribute

We are so excited to have you!