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2021-07-06T16:02:22+03:00 zeripath Gitea 1.14.4 is released
false 1.14.4

We are proud to present the release of Gitea version 1.14.4.

We highly encourage users to update to this version for some important bug-fixes.

We have merged 11 pull requests to release this version.

You can download one of our pre-built binaries from our downloads page - make sure to select the correct platform! For further details on how to install, follow our installation guide.

We would also like to thank all of our supporters on Open Collective who are helping to sustain us financially.

Have you heard? We now have a swag shop! 👕 🍵


1.14.4 - 2021-07-06

    • Fix relative links in postprocessed images (#16334) (#16340)
    • Fix list_options GetStartEnd (#16303) (#16305)
    • Fix API to use author for commits instead of committer (#16276) (#16277)
    • Handle misencoding of login_source cfg in mssql (#16268) (#16275)
    • Fixed issues not updated by commits (#16254) (#16261)
    • Improve efficiency in FindRenderizableReferenceNumeric and getReference (#16251) (#16255)
    • Use html.Parse rather than html.ParseFragment (#16223) (#16225)
    • Fix milestone counters on new issue (#16183) (#16224)
    • reqOrgMembership calls need to be preceded by reqToken (#16198) (#16219)