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2022-01-02T19:16:06+07:00 6543 Gitea 1.15.9 is released
false 1.15.9

We are proud to present the release of Gitea version 1.15.9.

We highly encourage users to update to this version for some important bug-fixes.

We have merged 15 pull requests to release this version.

You can download one of our pre-built binaries from our downloads page - make sure to select the correct platform! For further details on how to install, follow our installation guide.

We would also like to thank all of our supporters on Open Collective who are helping to sustain us financially.

Have you heard? We now have a swag shop! 👕 🍵


1.15.9 - 2022-01-02

    • Fix wrong redirect on org labels (#18128) (#18134)
    • Fix: unstable sort skips/duplicates issues across pages (#18094) (#18095)
    • Revert "Fix delete u2f keys bug (#18042)" (#18107)
    • Migrating wiki don't require token, so we should move it out of the require form (#17645) (#18104)
    • Prevent NPE if gitea uploader fails to open url (#18080) (#18101)
    • Reset locale on login (#17734) (#18100)
    • Correctly handle failed migrations (#17575) (#18099)
    • Instead of using routerCtx just escape the url before routing (#18086) (#18098)
    • Quote references to the user table in consistency checks (#18072) (#18073)
    • Add NotFound handler (#18062) (#18067)
    • Ensure that git repository is closed before transfer (#18049) (#18057)
    • Use common sessioner for API and web routes (#18114)
    • Fix code search result hint on zh-CN (#18053)