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2018-08-10T10:00:00+00:00 thehowl Gitea 1.5.0 is released

The time has come for another major release! We are happy to present Gitea 1.5.0 to the world. In this release, we merged 258 pull requests -- just a bit more than last time (236).

You can download one of our pre-built binaries from our downloads page - make sure to select the correct platform! For further details on how to install, follow our installation guide.

We'd like to thank all of our backers on Open Collective, who are helping us deliver a better piece of software.

With that out of the way, here's what's new in 1.5.0:

Topics (#3711)

Topics demo

You can now neatly organise your repositories using topics, similar to those on GitHub.

Thanks to @lunny

Emoji Completion (#3433)

Demo of emoji completion

The issue editor will now provide suggestions for completing emojis when starting to type an emoji shortcode - in a similar fashion to mention autocompletion, which we added in 1.4.0.

Thanks to @modmew8

Global Code Search (#3664)

Screenshot of Global Code Search

We expanded our repo code search to allow for searching even MORE stuff - which is to say, your entire Gitea instance! If you go on Explore, you will now be able to search everywhere, if you have code search enabled.

Thanks to @lunny

FIDO U2F Authentication (#3971)

Boost your security by adding FIDO U2F for authentication. 🚀

Thanks to @JonasFranzDEV

Issue Due Date (#3794)

Screenshot of issue due dates in the issue listing Form to add a due date Added issue date

Deadlines: following them is both the Project Manager's dream and the Developer's nightmare. But, time and again it has been proven that they are, indeed, very useful, so now you can select due dates on issues to mark when they should be finished. Emphasis on the should there.

Thanks to @kolaente

Multiple Assignees (#3705)

Screenshot of 2 people being assigned to an issue.

In Gitea 1.5.0, you'll be able to assign multiple people to a single issue. For cases where you'll need more manpower in order to understand the cryptic code left by old developers of the legacy codebase.

Thanks to @kolaente

Label Descriptions (#3662)

Label descriptions on the labels page

Tooltip when hovering over a label Description is shown on the label picker as well

Enhancement is a funny word, isn't it? It's sort of like a feature but it's not as big as a feature. It might not be instantly clear to everyone who reads it, but you can help them understand through the use of the new descriptions!

Thanks to @lafriks

Total Tracked Time (#3341)

Demo on a milestone

You can now track the total amount of time you spent on a single issue - or even an entire milestone.

Thanks to @JonasFranzDEV

Other changes

  • You can now specify a second whitelist for protected branches, allowing you to select users who are able to merge PRs. (#3689)
  • We did some optimisations on the repository search feature - users report up to a 3x reduction in disk usage by the indexer. (#3452)
  • Power to webhooks! We added support for delete, fork, issues, issue_comment, and release webhooks, which have long been a requested feature ever since webhooks first came to Gogs. (#3929)
  • Some changes were made to how Gitea handles messages with custom markup, such as commit messages and issue comments. Mentions, emails, links and so on should now be correctly handled. (#3354)
  • If your team is used to placing issue references in square brackes (ie. [JIRA-123]), we now correctly parse that! (#3408)
  • From the admin panel, you can now run git fsck (health check) on all your repositories, as well as disable it entirely if desired. (#3606, #3607)
  • We added some new features to Gitea's API, such as issue search and attachments. (#3478, #3612)
  • Symlinks in a repository are now marked by a distinctive icon. (#3826)
  • We'll remember your preferred language so that you don't have to change it for each browser that you use. (#3875)
  • If you want to disable time tracking entirely, you can now do so from the app settings. (#3719)
  • Various changes to improve consistency and grammar in the English localisation. (Various)
  • You can now sort repos in Explore and the admin panel by stars or forks. (#3969)
  • If you use drone, there is now a handy plugin to create releases and attachments:
  • Starting from 1.5.0, we'll sign all our releases with our GPG Key, so you can be sure it's us.

To see all user-facing changes that went into the release, check out our

full changelog.

A shoutout goes to those who reported and/or fixed security issues in this release:

Deprecation notice: in the upcoming major release (1.6.0) we will drop support for Go 1.8 and also embedded TiDB.

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This release would not have been possible without the pull requests from the following people:

PRs and issues merged in 1.5.0.

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