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2021-09-23T14:03:27+02:00 noerw Tea 0.8.0 is released

We are proud to present the release of tea version 0.8.0, a CLI tool that allows you to work with pull requests, issues and more in your terminal.

You can download prebuilt binaries from, for more options look at the

This release mostly contains bugfixes and changes to consolidate flag names between commands, but also ships a major new feature:

Interaction with Notifications

  • Notifications can now be listed with more fine-grained selection filters than what Gitea's web UI provides. Want to get all notifications about updated PRs in this repo? Easy!

    tea notifications --repo gitea/tea --types commit

    Need an overview over all pinned notifications across repos?

    tea notifications --mine --states pinned

    Get back on that notification you accidentally marked as read?

    tea notifications --states=read
  • Additionally, there are now actions to mark notifications as (un)read & to (un)pin them. Want to mark all notifications in a single repo as read? Easy!

    tea notifications read --repo gitea/tea


v0.8.0 - 2021-09-22

    • tea notifications --all has moved to tea notifications --mine (#389)
    • tea notifications now only works with the context of a remote repo. (#389) To run this outside of a local git dir, run either tea n --mine or tea n --repo <my/repo>
    • Add notifications subcommands (#389)
    • Add tea pr merge (#348)
    • Don't skip reading the local repo when --repo specifies a repo slug (#398)
    • Fix adding login without token on private instances (#392)
    • Correctly match login by ssh host with port (#391)
    • Fix printing issue deadline (#388)
    • Return useful error on wrong sshkey path (#374)
    • Fix parsing of --description for issue/pr create (#371)
    • Add missing flags (#369)
    • Check negative limit command parameter (#358) (#359)
    • Add missing flags to org & labels subcommands (#357)
    • Don't require a body for comment PR reviews (#399)
    • Accept more main branch names for login detection (#396)
    • Make local repo optional for tea pr create(#393)
    • Notifications Add State Field (#384)
    • Improve error messages (#370)
    • Add tab completion for fish shell (#364)
    • Text editor selection: follow unix defacto standards (#356)
    • Enable release builds for darwin/arm64 (#360)
  • MISC
    • Update Dependencies (#390)

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