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Rahul Verma c8814b4219 Converted store/storetest/bot_store.go t.Fatal calls into assert/require calls (#12838) 6 hours ago
.circleci update build image to go 1.13 (#12833) 1 day ago
.github Update pull request template (#10142) 7 months ago
api4 MM-18651: no spurious mentions on leaving channels (#12527) 1 day ago
app [MM-19526] /code is rendering HTML incorrectly (#12840) 7 hours ago
build update build image to go 1.13 (#12833) 1 day ago
cmd add option to generate deactivated users via sampledata (#12772) 1 week ago
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einterfaces Add prometheous metrics for each api handler (#12254) 1 month ago
fonts MM-10766 - Replacing default profile image font (#8955) 1 year ago
i18n MM-16861: Support Guest Authentication via AD/LDAP (#12690) 1 week ago
imports Enable PluginJobs (#10198) 8 months ago
jobs Converting to structured logging the file jobs/jobs.go (#12120) 1 month ago
manualtesting MM-18253 Refactor "manualtesting/manual_testing.go" to use str… (#12363) 3 weeks ago
migrations MM-16725 Respect env var overrides when setting config (#11821) 2 months ago
mlog [MM-18638] Send mlog console output to stderr (#12366) 3 weeks ago
model MM-19516: fix production marketplace url (#12822) 4 days ago
plugin MM-18816 Adding ability to add users as another user to the plugin API. (#12562) 4 days ago
scripts MM-16888: fix missing indexes (#12746) 1 week ago
services Migrate tests from services/httpservice/client_test.go to testify (#12743) 7 hours ago
store Converted store/storetest/bot_store.go t.Fatal calls into assert/require calls (#12838) 6 hours ago
templates Embedding avatar in guest invite emails (#12328) 3 weeks ago
testlib use mkdirall instead of mkdir (#12032) 1 month ago
tests MM-17767: Remove ExperimentalLdapGroupSync config. (#12388) 2 weeks ago
utils MM-19048: avoid error spam during CI builds (#12626) 5 days ago
vendor Upgrading server package dependencies (#12559) 2 weeks ago
web MM-1946 Migrate tests from "web/web_test.go" to use testify #12794 (#12802) 1 day ago
wsapi [MM 7970] Support maintaining online status while the Desktop App is in the background ... and other things. (#11312) 4 months ago
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go.sum Upgrading server package dependencies (#12559) 2 weeks ago


Mattermost is an open source, private cloud, Slack-alternative from

It’s written in Golang and React and runs as a single Linux binary with MySQL or PostgreSQL. Every month on the 16th a new compiled version is released under an MIT license.

screenshot at nov 29 14-11-32

Try out Mattermost

Deploy on Heroku

Deploy a Preview

Note: Heroku preview does not include email or persistent storage

Deploy on a Cloud Platform via Bitnami

Auto-deploy Mattermost to Amazon Web Services, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, or Oracle Cloud Platform via Bitnami.

Install on Your Own Machine

Native Mobile and Desktop Apps

In addition to the web interface, you can also download Mattermost clients for Android, iOS, Windows PC, Mac OSX, and Linux.

Google Play App Store Windows PC Mac OSX Linux

Get Security Bulletins

Receive notifications of critical security updates. The sophistication of online attackers is perpetually increasing. If you are deploying Mattermost it is highly recommended you subscribe to the Mattermost Security Bulletin mailing list for updates on critical security releases.

Get Involved

Learn More

Get the Latest News

Any other questions, mail us at We’d love to meet you!