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  xuri 5d8365ca17
Fix #529, handle empty inline rich text 2 days ago
  xuri 08d1a86c3a
Fix #523, add stream writer for generate new worksheet with huge amounts of data 3 days ago
  xuri 842b942c71
Compatible with up to 64 namespaces of Kingsoft WPS 1 week ago
  xuri 402ad2f62b
Update XML namespace 1 week ago
  xuri 8d6e431dcd
Resolve #521, fix missing elements when parsing 2 weeks ago
  xuri 7965e1231b
Resolve #146, make the GetRow function read data as streaming. Ref: #382, #515 2 weeks ago
  xuri c8c8397751
Fix #494 Merge pull request #514 from mlh758/fix-494-write-allocations 1 month ago
  Harris bf9a835549
Reduce allocations when writing 1 month ago
  xuri 6abf8bf972
Resolve #501, support set minor grid lines for the chart 1 month ago
  xuri 5e418ebd66
Resolve #507, add the new function `DeleteDefinedName` 1 month ago
  xuri 87390cdd99
Resolve #511, allow empty columns in the pivot table 1 month ago
  Michael 9fe267ffcf Pre-allocate some memory when reading files (#510) 1 month ago
  xuri e7581ebf3e
Fix corrupted Excel file issue #413 1 month ago
  xuri 7716968abc
Fix #505, support set line width of the line chart 1 month ago
  ducquangkstn 866fda2300 fix #503 rows next issue 1 month ago
  xuri 2e791fa433 Optimize code of Getting/Setting Page Margins 1 month ago
  streboryaj 2d21b5b50f Added accessors for Getting/Setting Page Margins (#497) 1 month ago
  xuri af100372a0
Merge pull request #498 from heiy/master 2 months ago
  heiy 810139f5fc solve ending space missing 2 months ago
  xuri a00ba75f0f
Fix #493 Merge pull request #495 from jaby/493-ShowZeros 2 months ago
  jaby babfeb6b57 Add missing ShowZeros SheetViewOption implementation 2 months ago
  xuri eb520ae277
Improve compatibility for charts 2 months ago
  xuri 475fbf3856
Create SECURITY.md 2 months ago
  xuri a34d3b8c86
Compatibility improvement 2 months ago
  xuri 75d66a03f3
Fix #482, font strike style support 2 months ago
  Christian Fiedler 3280e1b686 Allow access to more formula attributes in SetCellFormula (#484) 2 months ago
  xuri 3c636da460
Resolve #40, init pivot table support 2 months ago
  xuri eef232f09e
Fix #483, adjust the order of fields in the structure 2 months ago
  xuri 8922f65978
Combine functions: 2 months ago
  xuri a3ee098ab6
Fix #466, #480 Merge pull request #481 from bvwells/modules 2 months ago
  Ben Wells 3c327413d9 Fix dependency on github.com/360EntSecGroup-Skylar/excelize v1 3 months ago
  xuri acbabcf8fc
Add pivot table cache definition struct 3 months ago
  xuri b30c642e2b Prepare pivot table support, add pivot table definition struct 3 months ago
  xuri 0acb3ef968
Testing files updated 3 months ago
  Vsevolod Balashov 1fc4bc52fb Fix #386 regression test added (#440) 3 months ago
  xuri 333c5881c0
Merge pull request #479 from mtmcfarl/patch-1 3 months ago
  Matthew McFarling 875dd22bd0
Updating Readme 3 months ago
  xuri 407fb55c20
Update the Godoc 3 months ago
  xuri da99334fca
Merge pull request #475 from mqy/master 3 months ago
  mqy 64809db2c9 add missing error check in SetSheetRow() 3 months ago
  xuri 3092ce6e54
Merge pull request #473 from dolmen-go/cell-Sprint 4 months ago
  Olivier Mengué ac395a60ed SetCellValue: use fmt.Sprint(v) instead of fmt.Sprintf("%v", v) 4 months ago
  xuri 9c70d0ac86
Documentation updated, Go 1.10+ required 4 months ago
  xuri adc4aed472
Merge pull request #464 from mlh758/fix-462 4 months ago
  xuri 23c8d1ec8a
Merge pull request #469 from zaddok/patch-1 4 months ago
  Harris acd76425c2
Handle multi row inline strings 4 months ago
  xuri e6b7ac9a03
Merge pull request #463 from mlh758/fix-457 4 months ago
  zaddok 5107928892
Fix potential memory leak 4 months ago
  Harris faaaa52cb8
Get sheet names based on index 4 months ago
  xuri 448f5524a8
Merge pull request #461 from mlh758/fix-439 4 months ago