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  xuri 6ab5b991e4
Resolve #348, support delete Data Validation 3 weeks ago
  xuri a34d3b8c86
Compatibility improvement 6 months ago
  xuri 0acb3ef968
Testing files updated 7 months ago
  Vsevolod Balashov 1fc4bc52fb Fix #386 regression test added (#440) 7 months ago
  xuri 9c70d0ac86
Documentation updated, Go 1.10+ required 7 months ago
  Harris acd76425c2
Handle multi row inline strings 8 months ago
  xuri 35e485756f
Resolve #217, new function add VBA project supported. 8 months ago
  xuri 54def7eaad
Add TIF, TIFF format images and more detailed error information when open the encrypted file 9 months ago
  xuri f66212da9b
Resolve #106, #294 performance optimization for add hyperlink 1 year ago
  xuri 0072bb7310
resolve the issue corrupted xlsx after deleting formula of cell, reference #346 1 year ago
  xuri b7b925c03f
Update readme 1 year ago
  Rafael Barros dea7ba0ec4 Fixes #195: Make GetRows return value avoid empty cell 1 year ago
  Veniamin Albaev 35426ed5dc Tests refactoring 1 year ago
  sairoutine 3012df08eb Add GetMergeCells 1 year ago
  xuri e728ff1498
Fixes #308, refactor `NewSheet()`, `DeleteSheet()`, `SetActiveSheet()` and `GetActiveSheetIndex()` 1 year ago
  xuri b89f75c896
Add new logo for excelize 1 year ago
  HcySunYang 4dbc78ce0a resolve #273 new feature: protect sheet support 1 year ago
  xuri 1c45425f12
resolve #276, add OfficeOpenXML-XMLSchema-Strict mode support 1 year ago
  xuri aaced358f1
- Initialize shared formula types support, relate issue #227; 1 year ago
  Ri Xu 2b97c3bb46
- Support to read inlineStr type cell value, relate issue #208, PR #209; 2 years ago
  Ri Xu 564ebe48dd
- Fix `checkCellInArea()` index out of range when merged cell ref is single coordinate, relate issue #206; 2 years ago
  Ri Xu a6fc5a721d
- Make row index consistent in function `SetRowHeight` and `GetRowHeight`, fix issue #205; 2 years ago
  Ri Xu 06e54bf1c6
Readme and godoc has been updated. 2 years ago
  Ri Xu b1b056e0eb
Handle special shared string table file name `xl/SharedStrings.xml`, relate issue #188 2 years ago
  Ri Xu 6f4e4d9ef1 Revert "The godoc and readme page has been updated." 2 years ago
  Ri Xu e4611e9e25
The godoc and readme page has been updated. 2 years ago
  Ri Xu 67636039f6
- Init conditional format support, relate issue #75; 2 years ago
  Ri Xu bf4b02e6d6
Update image in readme and fix typo. 2 years ago
  Ri Xu d372bb977f Priority cell style, when the cell and the column at the same time with the style attribute. Relate issue #54 and #56. 2 years ago
  Ri Xu 66349f8ec0 Handle number formats out of built-in range exception by returning raw value, relate issue #50. 2 years ago
  Ri Xu 7f30a6c943 - Initialize shape support: new function `AddShape()` added. Relate issue #38; 2 years ago
  Ri Xu 219aadeb76 - Initialize char support, relate issue #31; 2 years ago
  Ri Xu 4b8b410f52 Bugfix #23 can't get multiple records. 3 years ago
  Josh Fyne e8ba09d0c5 io.Reader not io.ReaderAt 3 years ago
  Ri Xu 53564cbe57 Fix issue #19. 3 years ago
  Ri Xu bd5b033b02 Support set work sheet background image. 3 years ago
  Ri Xu 03234d6a25 Support add picture with offset and scaling. 3 years ago
  Ri Xu a99f0227b0 - New function `AddPicture()` added, support to add picture into excel cell; 3 years ago
  Ri Xu a08c8eb1ae - Fix issue comments missing after save; 3 years ago
  Ri Xu ddeed48fc1 - Fix issue background image and table missing after save; 3 years ago
  Ri Xu 6e1475a242 Fix hyperlink missing after save issue and update completion row element logic to enhance compatibility. 3 years ago
  Ri Xu 78eb982052 Remove useless `.xlsx` tested files and go test updated. 3 years ago
  ahmad 37c4575835 looping on row col functionality 3 years ago
  Ri Xu 6185cd577d Update go test. 3 years ago
  Ri Xu db5f5134d5 Update test XLSX template. 3 years ago
  Ri Xu d877d9f246 Fix zoom scale and page layout view setting of XLSX. 3 years ago
  Ri Xu df8f85d6ab Open file error return added and UpdateLinkedValue function added to fix linked values within a spreadsheet are not updating. 3 years ago
  Ri Xu 7bd8d9ee5b Fix checkRow() out of range 3 years ago
  Ri Xu 0a0a36bafd Update testing file more case added and reading cell value usage example in readme added. 3 years ago
  Ri Xu a9d3ee2869 Init commit. 3 years ago