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// Copyright 2016 - 2020 The excelize Authors. All rights reserved. Use of
// this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be found in
// the LICENSE file.
// Package excelize providing a set of functions that allow you to write to
// and read from XLSX files. Support reads and writes XLSX file generated by
// Microsoft Excel™ 2007 and later. Support save file without losing original
// charts of XLSX. This library needs Go version 1.10 or later.
package excelize
import "encoding/xml"
// Source relationship and namespace.
const (
SourceRelationship = ""
SourceRelationshipChart = ""
SourceRelationshipComments = ""
SourceRelationshipImage = ""
SourceRelationshipTable = ""
SourceRelationshipDrawingML = ""
SourceRelationshipDrawingVML = ""
SourceRelationshipHyperLink = ""
SourceRelationshipWorkSheet = ""
SourceRelationshipChartsheet = ""
SourceRelationshipDialogsheet = ""
SourceRelationshipPivotTable = ""
SourceRelationshipPivotCache = ""
SourceRelationshipSharedStrings = ""
SourceRelationshipVBAProject = ""
SourceRelationshipChart201506 = ""
SourceRelationshipChart20070802 = ""
SourceRelationshipChart2014 = ""
SourceRelationshipCompatibility = ""
NameSpaceDrawingML = ""
NameSpaceDrawingMLChart = ""
NameSpaceDrawingMLSpreadSheet = ""
NameSpaceSpreadSheet = ""
NameSpaceSpreadSheetX14 = ""
NameSpaceSpreadSheetX15 = ""
NameSpaceSpreadSheetExcel2006Main = ""
NameSpaceMacExcel2008Main = ""
NameSpaceXML = ""
NameSpaceXMLSchemaInstance = ""
StrictSourceRelationship = ""
StrictSourceRelationshipChart = ""
StrictSourceRelationshipComments = ""
StrictSourceRelationshipImage = ""
StrictNameSpaceSpreadSheet = ""
NameSpaceDublinCore = ""
NameSpaceDublinCoreTerms = ""
NameSpaceDublinCoreMetadataIntiative = ""
ContentTypeDrawing = "application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.drawing+xml"
ContentTypeDrawingML = "application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.drawingml.chart+xml"
ContentTypeMacro = "application/"
ContentTypeSpreadSheetMLChartsheet = "application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.spreadsheetml.chartsheet+xml"
ContentTypeSpreadSheetMLComments = "application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.spreadsheetml.comments+xml"
ContentTypeSpreadSheetMLPivotCacheDefinition = "application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.spreadsheetml.pivotCacheDefinition+xml"
ContentTypeSpreadSheetMLPivotTable = "application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.spreadsheetml.pivotTable+xml"
ContentTypeSpreadSheetMLSharedStrings = "application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.spreadsheetml.sharedStrings+xml"
ContentTypeSpreadSheetMLTable = "application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.spreadsheetml.table+xml"
ContentTypeSpreadSheetMLWorksheet = "application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.spreadsheetml.worksheet+xml"
ContentTypeVBA = "application/"
ContentTypeVML = "application/vnd.openxmlformats-officedocument.vmlDrawing"
// ExtURIConditionalFormattings is the extLst child element
// ([ISO/IEC29500-1:2016] section 18.2.10) of the worksheet element
// ([ISO/IEC29500-1:2016] section is extended by the addition of
// new child ext elements ([ISO/IEC29500-1:2016] section 18.2.7)
ExtURIConditionalFormattings = "{78C0D931-6437-407D-A8EE-F0AAD7539E65}"
ExtURIDataValidations = "{CCE6A557-97BC-4B89-ADB6-D9C93CAAB3DF}"
ExtURISparklineGroups = "{05C60535-1F16-4fd2-B633-F4F36F0B64E0}"
ExtURISlicerListX14 = "{A8765BA9-456A-4DAB-B4F3-ACF838C121DE}"
ExtURISlicerCachesListX14 = "{BBE1A952-AA13-448e-AADC-164F8A28A991}"
ExtURISlicerListX15 = "{3A4CF648-6AED-40f4-86FF-DC5316D8AED3}"
ExtURIProtectedRanges = "{FC87AEE6-9EDD-4A0A-B7FB-166176984837}"
ExtURIIgnoredErrors = "{01252117-D84E-4E92-8308-4BE1C098FCBB}"
ExtURIWebExtensions = "{F7C9EE02-42E1-4005-9D12-6889AFFD525C}"
ExtURITimelineRefs = "{7E03D99C-DC04-49d9-9315-930204A7B6E9}"
ExtURIDrawingBlip = "{28A0092B-C50C-407E-A947-70E740481C1C}"
ExtURIMacExcelMX = "{64002731-A6B0-56B0-2670-7721B7C09600}"
// Excel specifications and limits
const (
FileNameLength = 207
TotalRows = 1048576
TotalColumns = 16384
TotalSheetHyperlinks = 65529
TotalCellChars = 32767
var supportImageTypes = map[string]string{".gif": ".gif", ".jpg": ".jpeg", ".jpeg": ".jpeg", ".png": ".png", ".tif": ".tiff", ".tiff": ".tiff"}
// xlsxCNvPr directly maps the cNvPr (Non-Visual Drawing Properties). This
// element specifies non-visual canvas properties. This allows for additional
// information that does not affect the appearance of the picture to be stored.
type xlsxCNvPr struct {
ID int `xml:"id,attr"`
Name string `xml:"name,attr"`
Descr string `xml:"descr,attr"`
Title string `xml:"title,attr,omitempty"`
HlinkClick *xlsxHlinkClick `xml:"a:hlinkClick"`
// xlsxHlinkClick (Click Hyperlink) Specifies the on-click hyperlink
// information to be applied to a run of text. When the hyperlink text is
// clicked the link is fetched.
type xlsxHlinkClick struct {
R string `xml:"xmlns:r,attr,omitempty"`
RID string `xml:"r:id,attr,omitempty"`
InvalidURL string `xml:"invalidUrl,attr,omitempty"`
Action string `xml:"action,attr,omitempty"`
TgtFrame string `xml:"tgtFrame,attr,omitempty"`
Tooltip string `xml:"tooltip,attr,omitempty"`
History bool `xml:"history,attr,omitempty"`
HighlightClick bool `xml:"highlightClick,attr,omitempty"`
EndSnd bool `xml:"endSnd,attr,omitempty"`
// xlsxPicLocks directly maps the picLocks (Picture Locks). This element
// specifies all locking properties for a graphic frame. These properties inform
// the generating application about specific properties that have been
// previously locked and thus should not be changed.
type xlsxPicLocks struct {
NoAdjustHandles bool `xml:"noAdjustHandles,attr,omitempty"`
NoChangeArrowheads bool `xml:"noChangeArrowheads,attr,omitempty"`
NoChangeAspect bool `xml:"noChangeAspect,attr"`
NoChangeShapeType bool `xml:"noChangeShapeType,attr,omitempty"`
NoCrop bool `xml:"noCrop,attr,omitempty"`
NoEditPoints bool `xml:"noEditPoints,attr,omitempty"`
NoGrp bool `xml:"noGrp,attr,omitempty"`
NoMove bool `xml:"noMove,attr,omitempty"`
NoResize bool `xml:"noResize,attr,omitempty"`
NoRot bool `xml:"noRot,attr,omitempty"`
NoSelect bool `xml:"noSelect,attr,omitempty"`
// xlsxBlip directly maps the blip element in the namespace
// ument/relationships - This element
// specifies the existence of an image (binary large image or picture) and
// contains a reference to the image data.
type xlsxBlip struct {
Embed string `xml:"r:embed,attr"`
Cstate string `xml:"cstate,attr,omitempty"`
R string `xml:"xmlns:r,attr"`
// xlsxStretch directly maps the stretch element. This element specifies that a
// BLIP should be stretched to fill the target rectangle. The other option is a
// tile where a BLIP is tiled to fill the available area.
type xlsxStretch struct {
FillRect string `xml:"a:fillRect"`
// xlsxOff directly maps the colOff and rowOff element. This element is used to
// specify the column offset within a cell.
type xlsxOff struct {
X int `xml:"x,attr"`
Y int `xml:"y,attr"`
// xlsxExt directly maps the ext element.
type xlsxExt struct {
Cx int `xml:"cx,attr"`
Cy int `xml:"cy,attr"`
// xlsxPrstGeom directly maps the prstGeom (Preset geometry). This element
// specifies when a preset geometric shape should be used instead of a custom
// geometric shape. The generating application should be able to render all
// preset geometries enumerated in the ST_ShapeType list.
type xlsxPrstGeom struct {
Prst string `xml:"prst,attr"`
// xlsxXfrm directly maps the xfrm (2D Transform for Graphic Frame). This
// element specifies the transform to be applied to the corresponding graphic
// frame. This transformation is applied to the graphic frame just as it would
// be for a shape or group shape.
type xlsxXfrm struct {
Off xlsxOff `xml:"a:off"`
Ext xlsxExt `xml:"a:ext"`
// xlsxCNvPicPr directly maps the cNvPicPr (Non-Visual Picture Drawing
// Properties). This element specifies the non-visual properties for the picture
// canvas. These properties are to be used by the generating application to
// determine how certain properties are to be changed for the picture object in
// question.
type xlsxCNvPicPr struct {
PicLocks xlsxPicLocks `xml:"a:picLocks"`
// directly maps the nvPicPr (Non-Visual Properties for a Picture). This element
// specifies all non-visual properties for a picture. This element is a
// container for the non-visual identification properties, shape properties and
// application properties that are to be associated with a picture. This allows
// for additional information that does not affect the appearance of the picture
// to be stored.
type xlsxNvPicPr struct {
CNvPr xlsxCNvPr `xml:"xdr:cNvPr"`
CNvPicPr xlsxCNvPicPr `xml:"xdr:cNvPicPr"`
// xlsxBlipFill directly maps the blipFill (Picture Fill). This element
// specifies the kind of picture fill that the picture object has. Because a
// picture has a picture fill already by default, it is possible to have two
// fills specified for a picture object.
type xlsxBlipFill struct {
Blip xlsxBlip `xml:"a:blip"`
Stretch xlsxStretch `xml:"a:stretch"`
// xlsxSpPr directly maps the spPr (Shape Properties). This element specifies
// the visual shape properties that can be applied to a picture. These are the
// same properties that are allowed to describe the visual properties of a shape
// but are used here to describe the visual appearance of a picture within a
// document.
type xlsxSpPr struct {
Xfrm xlsxXfrm `xml:"a:xfrm"`
PrstGeom xlsxPrstGeom `xml:"a:prstGeom"`
// xlsxPic elements encompass the definition of pictures within the DrawingML
// framework. While pictures are in many ways very similar to shapes they have
// specific properties that are unique in order to optimize for picture-
// specific scenarios.
type xlsxPic struct {
NvPicPr xlsxNvPicPr `xml:"xdr:nvPicPr"`
BlipFill xlsxBlipFill `xml:"xdr:blipFill"`
SpPr xlsxSpPr `xml:"xdr:spPr"`
// xlsxFrom specifies the starting anchor.
type xlsxFrom struct {
Col int `xml:"xdr:col"`
ColOff int `xml:"xdr:colOff"`
Row int `xml:"xdr:row"`
RowOff int `xml:"xdr:rowOff"`
// xlsxTo directly specifies the ending anchor.
type xlsxTo struct {
Col int `xml:"xdr:col"`
ColOff int `xml:"xdr:colOff"`
Row int `xml:"xdr:row"`
RowOff int `xml:"xdr:rowOff"`
// xdrClientData directly maps the clientData element. An empty element which
// specifies (via attributes) certain properties related to printing and
// selection of the drawing object. The fLocksWithSheet attribute (either true
// or false) determines whether to disable selection when the sheet is
// protected, and fPrintsWithSheet attribute (either true or false) determines
// whether the object is printed when the sheet is printed.
type xdrClientData struct {
FLocksWithSheet bool `xml:"fLocksWithSheet,attr"`
FPrintsWithSheet bool `xml:"fPrintsWithSheet,attr"`
// xdrCellAnchor directly maps the oneCellAnchor (One Cell Anchor Shape Size)
// and twoCellAnchor (Two Cell Anchor Shape Size). This element specifies a two
// cell anchor placeholder for a group, a shape, or a drawing element. It moves
// with cells and its extents are in EMU units.
type xdrCellAnchor struct {
EditAs string `xml:"editAs,attr,omitempty"`
Pos *xlsxPoint2D `xml:"xdr:pos"`
From *xlsxFrom `xml:"xdr:from"`
To *xlsxTo `xml:"xdr:to"`
Ext *xlsxExt `xml:"xdr:ext"`
Sp *xdrSp `xml:"xdr:sp"`
Pic *xlsxPic `xml:"xdr:pic,omitempty"`
GraphicFrame string `xml:",innerxml"`
ClientData *xdrClientData `xml:"xdr:clientData"`
// xlsxPoint2D describes the position of a drawing element within a spreadsheet.
type xlsxPoint2D struct {
XMLName xml.Name `xml:"xdr:pos"`
X int `xml:"x,attr"`
Y int `xml:"y,attr"`
// xlsxWsDr directly maps the root element for a part of this content type shall
// wsDr.
type xlsxWsDr struct {
XMLName xml.Name `xml:"xdr:wsDr"`
AbsoluteAnchor []*xdrCellAnchor `xml:"xdr:absoluteAnchor"`
OneCellAnchor []*xdrCellAnchor `xml:"xdr:oneCellAnchor"`
TwoCellAnchor []*xdrCellAnchor `xml:"xdr:twoCellAnchor"`
A string `xml:"xmlns:a,attr,omitempty"`
Xdr string `xml:"xmlns:xdr,attr,omitempty"`
R string `xml:"xmlns:r,attr,omitempty"`
// xlsxGraphicFrame (Graphic Frame) directly maps the xdr:graphicFrame element.
// This element specifies the existence of a graphics frame. This frame contains
// a graphic that was generated by an external source and needs a container in
// which to be displayed on the slide surface.
type xlsxGraphicFrame struct {
XMLName xml.Name `xml:"xdr:graphicFrame"`
Macro string `xml:"macro,attr"`
NvGraphicFramePr xlsxNvGraphicFramePr `xml:"xdr:nvGraphicFramePr"`
Xfrm xlsxXfrm `xml:"xdr:xfrm"`
Graphic *xlsxGraphic `xml:"a:graphic"`
// xlsxNvGraphicFramePr (Non-Visual Properties for a Graphic Frame) directly
// maps the xdr:nvGraphicFramePr element. This element specifies all non-visual
// properties for a graphic frame. This element is a container for the non-
// visual identification properties, shape properties and application properties
// that are to be associated with a graphic frame. This allows for additional
// information that does not affect the appearance of the graphic frame to be
// stored.
type xlsxNvGraphicFramePr struct {
CNvPr *xlsxCNvPr `xml:"xdr:cNvPr"`
ChicNvGraphicFramePr string `xml:"xdr:cNvGraphicFramePr"`
// xlsxGraphic (Graphic Object) directly maps the a:graphic element. This
// element specifies the existence of a single graphic object. Document authors
// should refer to this element when they wish to persist a graphical object of
// some kind. The specification for this graphical object is provided entirely
// by the document author and referenced within the graphicData child element.
type xlsxGraphic struct {
GraphicData *xlsxGraphicData `xml:"a:graphicData"`
// xlsxGraphicData (Graphic Object Data) directly maps the a:graphicData
// element. This element specifies the reference to a graphic object within the
// document. This graphic object is provided entirely by the document authors
// who choose to persist this data within the document.
type xlsxGraphicData struct {
URI string `xml:"uri,attr"`
Chart *xlsxChart `xml:"c:chart,omitempty"`
// xlsxChart (Chart) directly maps the c:chart element.
type xlsxChart struct {
C string `xml:"xmlns:c,attr"`
RID string `xml:"r:id,attr"`
R string `xml:"xmlns:r,attr"`
// xdrSp (Shape) directly maps the xdr:sp element. This element specifies the
// existence of a single shape. A shape can either be a preset or a custom
// geometry, defined using the SpreadsheetDrawingML framework. In addition to a
// geometry each shape can have both visual and non-visual properties attached.
// Text and corresponding styling information can also be attached to a shape.
// This shape is specified along with all other shapes within either the shape
// tree or group shape elements.
type xdrSp struct {
Macro string `xml:"macro,attr"`
Textlink string `xml:"textlink,attr"`
NvSpPr *xdrNvSpPr `xml:"xdr:nvSpPr"`
SpPr *xlsxSpPr `xml:"xdr:spPr"`
Style *xdrStyle `xml:"xdr:style"`
TxBody *xdrTxBody `xml:"xdr:txBody"`
// xdrNvSpPr (Non-Visual Properties for a Shape) directly maps the xdr:nvSpPr
// element. This element specifies all non-visual properties for a shape. This
// element is a container for the non-visual identification properties, shape
// properties and application properties that are to be associated with a shape.
// This allows for additional information that does not affect the appearance of
// the shape to be stored.
type xdrNvSpPr struct {
CNvPr *xlsxCNvPr `xml:"xdr:cNvPr"`
CNvSpPr *xdrCNvSpPr `xml:"xdr:cNvSpPr"`
// xdrCNvSpPr (Connection Non-Visual Shape Properties) directly maps the
// xdr:cNvSpPr element. This element specifies the set of non-visual properties
// for a connection shape. These properties specify all data about the
// connection shape which do not affect its display within a spreadsheet.
type xdrCNvSpPr struct {
TxBox bool `xml:"txBox,attr"`
// xdrStyle (Shape Style) directly maps the xdr:style element. The element
// specifies the style that is applied to a shape and the corresponding
// references for each of the style components such as lines and fills.
type xdrStyle struct {
LnRef *aRef `xml:"a:lnRef"`
FillRef *aRef `xml:"a:fillRef"`
EffectRef *aRef `xml:"a:effectRef"`
FontRef *aFontRef `xml:"a:fontRef"`
// aRef directly maps the a:lnRef, a:fillRef and a:effectRef element.
type aRef struct {
Idx int `xml:"idx,attr"`
ScrgbClr *aScrgbClr `xml:"a:scrgbClr"`
SchemeClr *attrValString `xml:"a:schemeClr"`
SrgbClr *attrValString `xml:"a:srgbClr"`
// aScrgbClr (RGB Color Model - Percentage Variant) directly maps the a:scrgbClr
// element. This element specifies a color using the red, green, blue RGB color
// model. Each component, red, green, and blue is expressed as a percentage from
// 0% to 100%. A linear gamma of 1.0 is assumed.
type aScrgbClr struct {
R float64 `xml:"r,attr"`
G float64 `xml:"g,attr"`
B float64 `xml:"b,attr"`
// aFontRef (Font Reference) directly maps the a:fontRef element. This element
// represents a reference to a themed font. When used it specifies which themed
// font to use along with a choice of color.
type aFontRef struct {
Idx string `xml:"idx,attr"`
SchemeClr *attrValString `xml:"a:schemeClr"`
// xdrTxBody (Shape Text Body) directly maps the xdr:txBody element. This
// element specifies the existence of text to be contained within the
// corresponding shape. All visible text and visible text related properties are
// contained within this element. There can be multiple paragraphs and within
// paragraphs multiple runs of text.
type xdrTxBody struct {
BodyPr *aBodyPr `xml:"a:bodyPr"`
P []*aP `xml:"a:p"`
// formatPicture directly maps the format settings of the picture.
type formatPicture struct {
FPrintsWithSheet bool `json:"print_obj"`
FLocksWithSheet bool `json:"locked"`
NoChangeAspect bool `json:"lock_aspect_ratio"`
Autofit bool `json:"autofit"`
OffsetX int `json:"x_offset"`
OffsetY int `json:"y_offset"`
XScale float64 `json:"x_scale"`
YScale float64 `json:"y_scale"`
Hyperlink string `json:"hyperlink"`
HyperlinkType string `json:"hyperlink_type"`
Positioning string `json:"positioning"`
// formatShape directly maps the format settings of the shape.
type formatShape struct {
Type string `json:"type"`
Width int `json:"width"`
Height int `json:"height"`
Format formatPicture `json:"format"`
Color formatShapeColor `json:"color"`
Paragraph []formatShapeParagraph `json:"paragraph"`
// formatShapeParagraph directly maps the format settings of the paragraph in
// the shape.
type formatShapeParagraph struct {
Font Font `json:"font"`
Text string `json:"text"`
// formatShapeColor directly maps the color settings of the shape.
type formatShapeColor struct {
Line string `json:"line"`
Fill string `json:"fill"`
Effect string `json:"effect"`