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Note the gortr source file is DateTime stamped only, it is not signed with any certificaty. So you will need to add -verify=false as a runtime parameter when loading the cache file. Alternatively, use gortr with a slurm file instead (e.g. -slurm export_rfc8416_dn42.json) as a command-line parameter.

Last merge commit at dn42 registry

Commit 60b82f807990d3fe54cd5f4739bc9fffe4158a53
Merge: dbdd508c5 8ca64e000
Date:   2022-01-28 19:45:09 +0000

    Merge pull request 'Register imlk's network' (#1438) from imlk-20220127/register into master


You can setup a cronjob to check in with updates to the ROA files listed above on regular intervals.

Currently the ROA files published here is refreshed every 10th hour if updates has been made to the DN42 registry.

Misc statistics

  • ROAs IPv4: 1759
  • ROAs IPv6: 1553
  • ROAs total: 3312