How to participate in collaborative learning with NunEDU.
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Currently in alpha testing.

To participate in the NunEDU program, submit a pull request to this repo.


Our primary offering(s) to knowledge seekers is(are):
Understanding the myth of money, and how automation, education, and consumption really do all balance into "enough".
(This is a practical guide to establishing automated income, and is an intermediate topic.)

Currently in development are curriculums on:

  • interior design
  • software engineering
  • music
  • business administration
  • knitting
  • gardening
  • woodworking
  • small electronics repair.


(A account is currently necessary to participate, though efforts to remove that dependency are ongoing.)

Some measure of self-awareness and intersectionality is expected of participants.

Know your trauma.


The Intro to Git document is recommended reading.
While all necessary collaboration/interaction functions are accessible via the web interface, ingesting knowledge of the underlying version control system will help with the learning curve as you participate in the program.


When you are ready, fork the repository, commit a change, and create the pull request.


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