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QEMU test provider for virt-test

This is the official [1] test provider for the following
subtest types:

* Generic (Virtualization backend agnostic)
* OpenVSwitch

Really quick start guide

1) Fork this repo on github
2) Create a new topic branch for your work
3) Create a new test provider file in your virt test repo,


cp io-github-autotest-qemu.ini myprovider.ini

uri: file:///home/foo/Code/tp-qemu
subdir: generic/
subdir: qemu/
subdir: openvswitch/
You can optionally delete temporarily the
`io-github-autotest-qemu.ini` file, just so you don't have test
conflicts. Then you can develop your new test code, run it
using virt test, and commit your changes.

4) Make sure you have `inspektor installed. <>`_
5) Run:


inspekt checkall --disable-style E501,E265,W601,E402,E722,E741 --no-license-check

6) Fix any problems
7) Push your changes and submit a pull request
8) That's it.

[1] You can always create your own test provider, if you have special purposes, or just want to develop your work independently.