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Coding Style Guidelines for PostGIS
PostGIS was created over many years, by many different people, some in a
hurry. As a result, the existing coding style is all over the map. We
recognize this, and understand it will be the work of many years before
PostGIS has a consistently named internal set of functions, but,
we can dream.
If new functions follow this guideline, if we do a little rennovation work
from time to time, we will eventually get there.
Most C code should use an ANSI standard formatting with tabs for block
indenting. When not block indenting, use spaces. To convert a file
to the standard format use:
astyle --style=ansi --indent=tab
Some files use space indenting instead (check .editorconfig for info).
For them, you can use:
astyle --style=ansi --indent=spaces=2
Do not get too happy with this command. If you want to re-format a file you
are working on:
a) run astyle on it
b) commit
c) do your work
d) run astyle again
e) commit
The idea is to avoid combining style-only commits and commits that change
logic, so the logic commits are easier to read.
Macros should be ALL_UPPERCASE.
Enumerations should be ALL_UPPERCASE.
Comments should be written in C style (/* .... */) and not C++ style (//)
When describing a function, the description should be right above the function and should start with /**
This is so the function description can be picked up by the doxygen autodocumentor. For example
* Does something funny
double funny_function(POINT2D *p1, POINT2D *p2, POINT2D *q){
funny stuff here;
More advanced commenting
* Does something funny
* @param p1 : first point
* @param p2 : second point
* @param q : the quiet point
* @return a funny double number
double funny_function(POINT2D *p1, POINT2D *p2, POINT2D *q){
funny stuff here;
For ./liblwgeom:
- Files should be named with an lw prefix.
- Functions should have an lw prefix (lw_get_point).
- Function names should use underscores, not camel case.
- Function names should indicate the geometry type of inputs
if relevant (lwline_split)
For ./postgis:
- C functions called by the back-end directly (function(PG_FUNCTION_ARGS))
should be named to match their most likely SQL alias. So
the SQL ST_Distance(geometry) maps to the C function
- C utility functions should be prefixed with pgis_ (lower case)