[mirror] PostGIS spatial database extension to PostgreSQL https://postgis.net
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Raúl Marín 9e68f84879 Remove --without-wagyu option 5 months ago
berrie Have berrie bots prepend PG path to PATH 7 months ago
berrie64 Forget about the if condition for now, just run 6 months ago
bessie Add verbose flags to testflags 4 years ago
bessie32 Add CXX and CXXFLAGS from pg_config seems to fix wagyu load issue 2 years ago
debbie Remove --without-wagyu option 5 months ago
dronie Fix fsync disabling 8 months ago
travis Remove --without-wagyu option 5 months ago
winnie Normalize ST_RemoveRepeatedPoints() test to work around different platform qsort behaviour. 2 days ago