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This module contains support for topological geometry modelling.
Functions exist to satisfy the ISO/SQLMM topology-geometry model
and more are provided to add an additional abstraction level for
topological features and layers, both simple and hierarchical.

You can see an ER diagram of the full conceptual model in the ER dir.
You need xfig (http://epb.lbl.gov/xfig/).

All routines, types and other management objects are stored in the
"topology" SCHEMA.

Comments welcome --strk(2012-03-13);


Many ISO/SQLMM functions use GEOS-3.3.0+ signatures.
The script is still buildable with previous GEOS versions
but you'll need 3.3.0+ at runtime for most uses.


To build the topology support:

$ make


To run regression tests:

$ make check

=Install, upgrade, uninstall

To enable topology support:

$ psql -f topology.sql <your_postgis_enabled_db>

It will create a 'topology' schema in <your_postgis_enabled_db>
hosting all the topology functions. To be run