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🐟 dorado

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Yet another bucket for Scoop.

All apps in this repository should NOT require elevated privileges while installation.

Feature Apps

Manifest Description
hmcl The most famous Minecraft launcher made in China
miniconda3 A lazy & clean version of Miniconda3, which will not add the default root env into your PATH unless you activate it
nuwen-mingw-gcc Minimalist GCC package from nuwen's MinGW Distro. Use nuwen-mingw-without-git instead if you want Boost/PCRE/zlib... libraries and make/gdb... tools.
nvm-windows A fork of nvm-windows, removed elevated permission, for non-admin scoop user
tcping Eli Fulkerson's TCP ping tool, ping over a tcp connection
trash Move files and folders to recycle bin instead of directly rm-rf it, like brew install trash but for Windows
rustup-np The non-portable version of Rustup. Keeping .rustup and .cargo in its original location: $env:USERPROFILE
yarn-np The non-portable version of the Yarn application. Keeping global node_modules in its original location: $env:LOCALAPPDATA\\Yarn\\bin


1. How to install the apps from this bucket?

Run below command in PowerShell to add the bucket:

scoop bucket add dorado

Install apps from this bucket with below command:

scoop install dorado/<app_name>

2. I want some other apps!

Please open new app request issue. :)

3. Some apps are outdated, please update it!

Be a contributor! Fork it, update the outdated apps app manifest, and file pull-request. :D