V3CTRON | Vector Embeddings Data Retrieval | ChatGPT Plugin V3CTRON Retrieval V3CTRON retrieval is the fastest data access system for flexible semantic search and retrieval of personal or organizational documents using natural language queries.
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Repo for giving ChatGPT the ability to use web browsing, python code execution, and custom plugins https://serp.ai/tools/chatgpt-plugins/
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Your Very Own Personal "Iron Man Jarvis" AI Voice Activated Personal Assistant Your Very Own Personal "Iron Man Jarvis" Want to stop pretending to be Tony Stark, and actually BE Iron Man? Now you can. Well, not really. But you can fake it better. Introducing your new AI-powered personal voice assistant - a revolutionary device that will change the way you interact with technology. We call him "SERPy", but you can call him/her whatever you want. 🎁 Get it FREE here 👉 https://serp.ly/@serpai/ai-voice-assistant
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Repository for training a LoRA for the LLaMA model on HuggingFace with 8-bit quantization. Research only. 👉 Join our Discord Server for updates, support & collaboration Dataset creation, training, weight merging, and quantization instructions are in the docs.
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