Binding middleware for tango
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package binding
import (
// Json is middleware to deserialize a JSON payload from the request
// into the struct that is passed in. The resulting struct is then
// validated, but no error handling is actually performed here.
// An interface pointer can be added as a second argument in order
// to map the struct to a specific interface.
func (vd *Binder) Json(jsonStruct interface{}) Errors {
var errors Errors
if vd.req.Body != nil {
defer vd.req.Body.Close()
err := json.NewDecoder(vd.req.Body).Decode(jsonStruct)
if err != nil && err != io.EOF {
errors.Add([]string{}, ERR_DESERIALIZATION, err.Error())
errors = append(errors, vd.Validate(jsonStruct)...)
return errors