Debug middleware for tango
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debug Build Status

Middleware debug is a debug middleware for Tango.


go get

Simple Example

type DebugAction struct {

func (c *DebugAction) Get() {

func main() {
    t := tango.Classic()
    t.Get("/", new(DebugAction))

When you run this, then you will find debug info on console or log file, it will show you the request detail info and response detail.

[tango] 2015/03/04 06:44:06 [Debug] debug.go:53 [debug] request: GET http://localhost:3000/
[tango] 2015/03/04 06:44:06 [Debug] debug.go:55 [debug] head: map[]
[tango] 2015/03/04 06:44:06 [Debug] debug.go:66 [debug] ----------------------- end request
[tango] 2015/03/04 06:44:06 [Debug] debug.go:78 [debug] response ------------------ 200
[tango] 2015/03/04 06:44:06 [Debug] debug.go:80 [debug] head: map[]
[tango] 2015/03/04 06:44:06 [Debug] debug.go:83 [debug] body: debug
[tango] 2015/03/04 06:44:06 [Debug] debug.go:85 [debug] ----------------------- end response


This project is under BSD License. See the LICENSE file for the full license text.