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Custom Research Paper Writing Service

General outline of the paper

Any paper can be logically divided into three main parts: the introduction or thesis, which formulates a problem or statement that requires evidence; the main part of the paper, in which you give evidence or refute the idea specified in the thesis; the final conclusion, which came in the course of reasoning on the topic. You can use our Custom Research Paper Writing Service at any time.

Memo when writing a paper One of the main factors of successful writing of a paper should be a good knowledge of the topic, that is, what you will write about. Otherwise, you will simply have nothing to think about, and you will not be able to provide a single argument to prove your reasoning. During the writing of the paper, distribute the volumes approximately so that the introduction and conclusion occupy about a third of the total text. That is, if the work is designed for three sheets, the volume of the introduction and conclusion should not exceed half a page.

Custom Research Paper Writing Service

Most of the paper falls on the main part, where you prove your point of view, and in the thesis and the result, use a short and concise statement of thought. It often happens that the most difficult thing is to start writing. If it is difficult to immediately formulate the main problem that is displayed in the thesis, you can leave it for later. Sometimes it is easier to reason, summarize, and then summarize in a few sentences and thus write an introduction. During the discussion, do not try to use abstruse words, sometimes it takes a long time to find the right word.

Try to start on the draft briefly write in those words, as if you were discussing in a conversation with a friend. How would you prove your point to him? Then you can edit the resulting text, removing the spoken parts and replacing them with more appropriate phrases. Using several arguments, do not forget that they must be interconnected, as well as the entire text of the paper. Try not to go into details, and clearly adhere to the main theme.