Awesome list of open source web platforms
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Awesome list of open source web platforms

If do you care about your freedom to self-host and self-data control, decentralization, transparency, or just good alternatives.

Atheos - web-based IDE framework

BookWyrm - Social Reading and Reviewing Books

Diaspora - Social

Discourse - Modern Forum

Ergo - IRC Server

Forem - Forum community

FreshRSS - RSS

Friendica - Social

Funkwhale - Music Sharing

Gnusocial - Social

Gitea - Git Repository

Gogs - Git Repository

Gotify - Push Notification

Grafana - Analytics

HumHub - Social Network Kit

Invoiceninja - Invoicing, Quotes, Expenses, Time-Tracking

Ivatar/Libravatar - Open Avatar Profile

Jitsi - Meeting/Video conferencing

LBRY - Video Streaming

Lemmy - Forum reddit-like alternative

Lufi - Encrypted Upload File Share

Mastodon - Social/Microblog

Matomo(Piwik) - Analytics

Matrix/Element - Protocol/Messenger

MediaWiki - Wiki

Misskey - Japanese Social/Microblog

Moodle - Learning management system

Nextcloud - Cloud Suite

Owncast - Broadcast/Streaming

Peertube - Video Streaming

phpBB - Classic Forum

Pixelfed - Photo Sharing

Pleroma - Social/Microblog

Rocket.Chat - Messenger/Chat

XMPP - Open Standard Messaging Protocol

Writefreely - Writing/Blog

Zammad - Customer Support/Ticketing solution

ZeroNet - Network/DeepWeb