Lightweight and fast SQL builder for Go language
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// Copyright 2019 The Xorm Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
package builder
// InnerJoin sets inner join
func (b *Builder) InnerJoin(joinTable, joinCond interface{}) *Builder {
return b.Join("INNER", joinTable, joinCond)
// LeftJoin sets left join SQL
func (b *Builder) LeftJoin(joinTable, joinCond interface{}) *Builder {
return b.Join("LEFT", joinTable, joinCond)
// RightJoin sets right join SQL
func (b *Builder) RightJoin(joinTable, joinCond interface{}) *Builder {
return b.Join("RIGHT", joinTable, joinCond)
// CrossJoin sets cross join SQL
func (b *Builder) CrossJoin(joinTable, joinCond interface{}) *Builder {
return b.Join("CROSS", joinTable, joinCond)
// FullJoin sets full join SQL
func (b *Builder) FullJoin(joinTable, joinCond interface{}) *Builder {
return b.Join("FULL", joinTable, joinCond)
// Join sets join table and conditions
func (b *Builder) Join(joinType string, joinTable, joinCond interface{}) *Builder {
switch joinCond.(type) {
case Cond:
b.joins = append(b.joins, join{joinType, joinTable, joinCond.(Cond)})
case string:
b.joins = append(b.joins, join{joinType, joinTable, Expr(joinCond.(string))})
return b