Lightweight and fast SQL builder for Go language
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// Copyright 2016 The Xorm Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
package builder
import "errors"
var (
// ErrNotSupportType not supported SQL type error
ErrNotSupportType = errors.New("Not supported SQL type")
// ErrNoNotInConditions no NOT IN params error
ErrNoNotInConditions = errors.New("No NOT IN conditions")
// ErrNoInConditions no IN params error
ErrNoInConditions = errors.New("No IN conditions")
// ErrNeedMoreArguments need more arguments
ErrNeedMoreArguments = errors.New("Need more sql arguments")
// ErrNoTableName no table name
ErrNoTableName = errors.New("No table indicated")
// ErrNoColumnToUpdate no column to update
ErrNoColumnToUpdate = errors.New("No column(s) to update")
// ErrNoColumnToInsert no column to insert
ErrNoColumnToInsert = errors.New("No column(s) to insert")
// ErrNotSupportDialectType not supported dialect type error
ErrNotSupportDialectType = errors.New("Not supported dialect type")
// ErrNotUnexpectedUnionConditions using union in a wrong way
ErrNotUnexpectedUnionConditions = errors.New("Unexpected conditional fields in UNION query")
// ErrUnsupportedUnionMembers unexpected members in UNION query
ErrUnsupportedUnionMembers = errors.New("Unexpected members in UNION query")
// ErrUnexpectedSubQuery Unexpected sub-query in SELECT query
ErrUnexpectedSubQuery = errors.New("Unexpected sub-query in SELECT query")
// ErrDialectNotSetUp dialect is not setup yet
ErrDialectNotSetUp = errors.New("Dialect is not setup yet, try to use `Dialect(dbType)` at first")
// ErrInvalidLimitation offset or limit is not correct
ErrInvalidLimitation = errors.New("Offset or limit is not correct")
// ErrUnnamedDerivedTable Every derived table must have its own alias
ErrUnnamedDerivedTable = errors.New("Every derived table must have its own alias")
// ErrInconsistentDialect Inconsistent dialect in same builder
ErrInconsistentDialect = errors.New("Inconsistent dialect in same builder")